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September 14, 2012

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Must Reading If You Are Thinking of Going to Culinary School

If you ever thought about going to culinary school or enroll in a hotel management program, I highly recommend you read as much as you possible can about becoming a chef, what to expect in culinary school, what it’s like working in a restaurant and what ever else you can find about the profession.

Here is a sampling of some of the best books you will find about these subjects. Culinary and restaurant management school is not cheap so I urge you to read one or all of these books before you sign up so you know what you will be dealing with. The culinary world is rewarding but don’t go in blind. Read as much as you can!

Click on a book or the link and you will be taken to where you can learn more about the book, read reviews and order if you so choose. And don’t forget to check out GatewayGourmet’s listings of culinary schools in your state.

Here are some great books to read if you are serious about culinary school?

The Professional Chef

Becoming a Chef

Becoming a Chef

 My Daughter Wants
to Be A Chef
The Soul of a Chef  Don’t Try This at Home


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