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Culinary Grants & Scholarships

Culinary Grants and Scholarships and the organizations that award them.

I used to have a list of organizations that offer scholarships, grants and financial aid to students thinking of attending culinary school. Since I am now in association with, I decided the list would be better served over on that site. There are lots of changes to the list and it’s much easier to maintain just one list rather than two.

It makes much more sense to have the culinary and hospitalty financial aid at GatewayGourmet because that’s where all the schools are now listed. If you are thinking of attending culinary school, baking/pastry school or a hospitality management school and looking for financial aid information, I recommend you check out : Culinary Grants & Scholarships

A List of Culinary and Baking School Scholarships and Grants


Check with the schools you are interested in attending to see what they have to offer. Most likely a representative from the school will contact you after you fill out the request more information forms and give you a good idea of what’s available, but be sure to also check with the schools Financial Aid office. They are there to help.

For a whole bunch of scholarship and grants that might be available for culinary and hospitality educations, check out

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  1. paul engquist says:

    i am looking to start a career in culinary. i do not have a job right now so im looking for assistance in paying for my schooling. i am also a veteran. so if you could email me some ideas i would greatly appreciate it.

  2. Wbez says:

    Anything for WISCONSIN?

  3. Kenneth walker says:

    Hi my name is Kenny Walker i am going into a culinary collage next spring and could use a scholarship or a grant to help pay tuition if you could help i would be greatful .

  4. phillip schall says:

    hi. im an unemployed carpenter of 20 plus yrs and am really wanting to get into the food/chef line of work. cooking is my passion and ive always wanted to attend culinary school since i was young. im 43 now. is that too old to go to school? i am wondering how to go about trying to get a grant or financial aid to attend. any information would be greatly appreciated. thank you!

    Hey Phillip, did you read my article called Too Old For Culinary School at You should read the comments, there is lots of great info in them. I have limited information about obtaining grants and financial aid and realize I need to do some more research and post my findings. – RG

  5. Augustine Ayze says:

    Hello, My name is Augustine Ayze and i am looking for Culinary Arts Scholarships and Grants. I am currently going for Resturant Management. So i hope i get some great feed back. :)

  6. Marriah says:

    Hello, In a little over a year, I hope to go to culinary college, and I am looking for grants to help pay tuition. Any advice as to where I could start?

  7. april mutas says:

    im looking for a culinary school have a schoolarship i hope you will help me

  8. April says:

    I notice that your list is listed alphabetically but stops at N. Does it go on and I just don’t see it. I’m from Ohio and was wondering if there were any in Ohio specifically. Thanks!

    Hi April, great observation. Still working on it and hope to have it up soon. – RG

  9. TINOTENDA says:

    i am an African girl aged 23i am interested in culinary school but i have no funds .i was wondering if it’s possible to fund someone from a third world country.any form of information will be greatly appreciated thank you

  10. matthew t. manuel says:

    Does Florida Restaurant Association or National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation Scholarships offer a scholarship or grant for new students at Le Cordon Beu of Orlando

  11. Donna Wortham says:

    Hi ,I’m Donna Wortham and I have recently been accepted to Ecoffier culinary art school for their pastry chef program and although I have already recieved a pell grant and partial student loan I’m still shy a little money to complete my 8 month course.I start classes on april 22nd. Can you help? I already have lots of experience in the bakery but there is still more to learn. I’ve been dreaming of owning my own bakery for as long as I can remember.sincerely—Donna

  12. Bethany Rose says:

    Hello, I was wondering if there are any good scholarships that are for baking/pastry schools. I am 17 and graduating this year (5/12/13) and will be attending school next year (2014) to take a year off for work. If there is anything at all, please let me know!

  13. Shayne OBrien says:

    Hi there. I noticed the list is in alphabetical order but stops at “N”. Can you post the rest of the list please? Thanks

  14. ashley may says:

    Do you have a scholarships for Bossier Parish Community College for Culinary arts or Baking and pastry?

  15. Chastidy Clark says:

    Can you have graduated for a culinary school already and still qualify for school tuition assistance or loan assistance with a scholarship or grant? or do you have to be a current student?

  16. Vern Filipunas Sr. says:

    Looking for a culinary school, I am a good cook but need the right training.

  17. Karyn S. Silva says:

    Hi. I would like to ask if you have accredited culinary schools in the Philippines? I love to cook but needed formal studies and training. Thank you

    Hi Karyn, I do not know of any accredited culinary schools in the Philippines. – RG

  18. Kierstin Houle says:

    Hello, I am a Baking and Pastry Major at New England Culinary Institute, I am currently on my last internship, and I was wondering if there were any grants or scholarships that could help me finish paying for my tuition, because it wasn’t figure into the original cost. I will not be able to get my degree until I find a way to come up with difference. Originally I wanted to continue my education and spend another year to achieve my Bachelor’s degree in hospitality and management, but funds will not let me , or even graduate at this point . If you would like to learn more about me, or view my progress in the culinary field ,you can visit

  19. Cornelius W. Graves says:

    What about Pennsylvania ??

  20. Kuwan says:

    Or there any grants and scholarships offered in Louisiana for Culinary arts and if so do Louisiana Culinary Institute accept them???

  21. Md. Manzur Rashid says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    This is to inform you that I am Md. Manzur Rashid, working as a Chef de Partie (Pastry) in Radisson Blu Dhaka Hotel. I am very interested in taking membership in this site.

    Besides, I am also keen in interest to take workshops based on ‘Pastry-Art’ or ‘Sugar Craft’ or any similar positions that will enhance my skill and competence in my present job career.

    Please advise as to how I can be a member in your organization and it’s relevant cost and other details.

  22. DUDU MAKHOMBA says:

    I would like to get a scholarship from culinary Grants cos I’m nt workin at the moment n mother she’s unemployed.I’m 28 years old I’m currently doing Assistant Chef at Mpumalanga Regional Traing Trust.the reason I want a scholarship is because I want to be a professional chef and I have Grade12.

  23. jonquil Parnell says:

    Hello I’m going to be a freshman at the Culinary Institute of America for Culinary Arts
    This is my passion I live, Eat and Breath food ever since I could walk and talk I would be in the kitchen with my grandmother.

  24. Hi! Im Zache from the Philippine,I would like to ask about the scholarship,,Does it include International student? what are the requirements and how to apply..Thank You, I’ll be waiting for you reply.

  25. Robert Metcalfe says:

    Hello! My name is Robert Metcalfe. I am currently enrolled in IVY TECH’s Culinary arts program and am seeking more information about your grants and scholarship programs. Please respond at the email provided. Thank you very much.

  26. Jenine Esmero says:

    Hi Im Jenine from Philippines,I would like to ask if you offer a scholarship for International students. What are the requirements needed in order to have that scholarship? Hoping for a positive feedback.Thank you.

  27. Keith Mittan says:


    do you offer any scholarships/grants for veterans? My wife is a three time cancer survivor and a veteran and has experience as a cook at various restaurants and unemployed for the past three years fighting cancer and would like to return to the work force at more than minimum wage. She loves to cook and everything she puts on our table has presentation.

  28. elisa sowono says:

    Hi. I am elisa from Indonesia. I would like to ask whether you provide scholarship for international students.

  29. Judith Gilmore says:

    I am going to Cochise College in Sierra Vista, Az. I am in my first semester studying for a degree Associates in Applied Science Culinary Arts. My husband is permanently disabled and our only income is 1093 per month and what little bit is left over from my fafsa. I am trying to get information for a grant or scholarship for a 54-year-old-woman to remain in school. I had gotten my GED this summer, and now am registered in school to inhance the field that I have been in for 42 years with no degree.
    Please help me find the information that I need.
    Thank you

  30. Fathurrahman Abdul Rahman says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    My name is Fathur and Im 20 yrs of age and from Singapore. At the moment im serving nasional service and it will be end by yr 2014.
    Im intrested in taking a culinary course.
    I hv 2 sisters, my dad had a diabetic and heart problem and he is not working. My mom, she is the only bread winner.
    I am seeking more information about your grants and scholarship programs.
    Pls advise on how should i go into it, so that it won’t be a burden to my mom.

    Thanks & rgds,

  31. ivonne says:

    hi, my name its Ivonne I’m 17 years old. I’m a senior in high school. I would be the fist one in my family to continue an education after high school and I’m very excided to go in to culinary arts.

  32. annaliza tan says:

    hello im annaliza from philippines do you accept scholarship in our country.I have a good cooking background but i want to know more and expand my learning.And hope to join in your team.God blessed and thank you.

  33. tholakele says:

    Iam a mother of 3 and unemployed I have a passion for cooking I have worked in a canteen and now I want to be a professional chef but I dont have finance

  34. Shannon Begay says:

    My name is Shannon, I’m currently graduating Highschool in May of 2014. Culinary has always been a big part of my life. I love to bake for my family as well as taking the classes in school. This year, My senior year, this would be the third year I was enrolled in a cooking class and became very fond of it. What scholorships would be right for me to fill out, please let me know so I can countinue to grow up and make a living around what I love to do best!:)

  35. Keyara Sinclair says:

    Hello, my name Is Keyara Sinclair , and im currently a Junior at North Marion High School , In Ocala Florida . I will be done with high school less than 2 years . and I cant afford the tuition to the school that I want to go to .Right now im trying to get help to pay that tuition . And Culinary arts has alays been my desire. I love cooking and I want to go to school to get a better view of my career.

  36. Michal Bullard says:

    Hello My name is Michal Bullard and I currently live is The Bahamas. I studied Culinary Skills at The College of The Bahamas and graduated May 2013 . I would like to continue My studies in Chicago,Ill at Kendall College but don’t have the funs. Culinary I my First and only passion and I wounld like to attain my degree in it. I would really like to start school ASAP. As an International Student can I get a Scholarship/Grant?

  37. David Little jr says:

    im a student at job corps culinary arts program but the training is basic and im looking at colleges for culinary arts. im about done with the program and i would realy like a scholarship or grant.

  38. Raja says:

    How do I apply for a grant. I’m 18 living on my own, trying to support myself as a line cook at Rubios. I won a scholarship to GCU but after 1 semester realized needed to pursue my passion for culinary arts. My mom inspired me for I got accepted into Le Cordon Blue in Scottsdale and got their grant but need more to cover tuition. I took their placement test…was told I scored 28 where most score 15. Please help me make my dream come true!

  39. karma says:

    how can i get a scholarship in baking course, i worked as a teacher for 8 years and i resigned from my job to do the work i loed the most, as my passion is for baking. so i started a cafe but with very little knowledge in baking i am unable to do justice to baking, so wanted to take up the course in baking and on my own i cannot afford to do it so i am looking for scholarship. i am from bhutan.
    please do help me out to go forth n fulfill my dream of becoming a good baker.

  40. EAQUB says:

    I have a 1 year diploma in food preparation and culinary arts.
    I want to complete level 2 from abroad. Can you help me find a Scholarship/Grant/Financial support from Govt or University.
    Or any suggest.

    • Hi Eaqub, sorry, but I cannot help you find a scholarship other than present some of the ones I’ve found and posted on my website. Good luck with your culinary education and your career afterwards.

  41. nicca mischelle francisco says:

    Hi. Im nicca and i am currently a Culinary Student Kitchen Operations at Lyceum of the Philippines Manila.. Ive got a BIG DREAM. And i really do want to be not just a Chef but a known chef .. Ive got big dreams. I know i am responsible enough if i was given a chance of scholarship.. I really do want it. It isnt just a need or want for me. Its a PASSION that is in my blood and a faith that i know i will be someday. Hoping for luck. but if not i will not stop in dreaming and make way. Thank you :)

  42. Catherine Anne Aquino says:

    Hi. I am Catherine Aquino taking up Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics in the Philippines. I would just like to ask if you know some culinary schools from abroad that offers scholarship for foreign students.

  43. Pham Phuong Thao says:

    Hi! I’m a student from Vietnam and I’m 12 grade. I really love cooking and also love all of cuisine. I like taking food picture and making beautiful dishes so I wanna find a scholarship for next year. How I can get it? I promise to do anything to get it.

  44. Bruce Kul says:

    Hi there, Iam a career cook with more than 13 years under my belt. I really wish to further my passion for food by enrolling in a culinary arts degree program and ‘am humbly asking if you could supply me with scholarship/grant organisations that support international students from developing countries like Papua New Guinea. I’d so grateful for any info. you can send and a resounding thankyou for taking the time in reading my comment.

  45. princess glad abulu says:

    Hi, I am a mother of four. I want to participate in your scholarship programme but I don’t know how to go about it. Please help me cos I want to learn in order to support my family. Thank you

  46. Racquel Sommerville says:

    Hi i am a 24 year old female from Jamaica . Its been my dream to have a career in the field of culinary arts , but because of financial support i could not afford to go to school. I am very passionate about food and would be delited to be afforded the apportunity to have a chance at a scholarship so that i can fullfill my dreams, thank you.

  47. Warren Cruspero says:

    Hi My name is Warren Cruspero, I am very passionate in cooking and decide to take up culinary school but because of financial problem I can’t afford it, I’ve taken up other coursed but seems to fail and I believe that I am destine in culinary industry.

  48. Dustin Kuhn says:

    I’m 27 years old and handicapped. I just re-entered the work-force and can pay my bills on my minimum wage part time job-However, I want to go to culinary school (specifically, The Arts Institute in Indianapolis, Indiana. I want to become a chef and cook beside the great chefs. I can probably get a small amount of grants, but no where enough. Is there any help for me to go to culinary school in the fall? or ever?

  49. Monica Thomas says:

    My son is entering his sophomore year at CIA- Hyde Park New York. Are there any scholarships/grants available immediately? He’s received some money but is still short $14K

  50. Corina Beauchamp says:

    I am 49 years old and I have been cooking and baking since I was 7.I have always been interested in the culinary field and have never had the opportunity to go to some kind of schooling or community college.I have taken catering courses and cake decorating courses but I have never taken culinary.I am divorced and lost everything including my job and I want to get the schooling I need to support myself and take care of me as I get older.Is there anything you could recommend?I live in Maryland and the closest school is WorWic Community College.I would be very appreciative of anything you could give me to get me on my way.Information,grant information,requirements,etc.Thank you.

  51. Lahpai La Ring Aung says:

    Hi my name is lahapailaringaung or Michael..I am 22yrs old from myanmar. I am currently working as chef in Vienna, Austria. My dream to build my own orphanage school to teachs baking and pastry the children who lost ready their parent but I still needs more food knowledge so how could I apply for scholarship. Thank you very much. GOD BLESS YOU .

  52. Lahpai La Ring Aung says:

    I am 22 years old from myanmar. I am currently working as a cook in vienna, Austria. I am truly interesting to get scholarship dream is to build my own orphanage to teachs baking and pastry the children who lost their own parents in my native country.. it would be the greatest gift if I cuold enter in. Thank you very much for the time reading my comment. GOD BLESS YOU.

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