Top Culinary Schools in Tucson Arizona

Top Culinary Schools in Tucson Arizona

Tucson Culinary, Baking and Pastry & Restaurant Management Schools

This historical city started as an American Indian farming community and then became a Spanish outpost. During its territorial days, Tucson became host to a robust railway hub and soon evolved from an arid frontier town into the thriving metropolis that you see today.

With its diverse cultural roots, Tucson has many things to offer in architecture, food, archeology and art. For instance you can dine out at hundreds of original restaurants that employ some of the finest chefs in the world. There are a plethora of art galleries, museums, and public art, concerts and theater events.

Tucson is also home to the Accenture Match Play Championship where 64 of the world’s top golfers play off for an $8 million dollar purse. Moreover, Tucson plays host to three major league baseball teams during spring training.

Tucson also provides a beautiful outdoor experience including a mild year-round climate. Residents enjoy camping, hiking and a myriad of outdoor activities such as bird watching and astronomy in the pristine wilderness that surrounds the city.

Attending school for the culinary arts, baking/pastry or hospitality management is a great step forward in your career. Whether you're looking to become a professional chef, or manage a restaurant, you've probably got some questions.

How much is it going to cost? Do I need a high school education? Is there any financial aid available? How do I apply? The best way to get answers to these questions is to contact the school directly by clicking on the links provided. The school's website will answer most of you questions and provide contact information to help you get started.

Is There a Top Culinary, Baking or Hospitality Management School Near You?

There are a few good schools in this city offering programs in culinary arts, baking, pastry and hospitality management. The right one for you will depend on many factors including location, programs offered, cost and scholarship availability. You'll find community colleges, both for profit and not for profit schools, big institutions and smaller establishments. The school(s) listed below are some of my top picks based on accreditation, reputations and student reviews.



 The Carriage House

The Carriage House Cooking School in Tucson

The Carriage House will feature 3 distinct types of classes: Restaurant Chefs of Tucson; Spirited Sessions; and City of Gastronomy Classes.
Restaurant Chefs of Tucson series classes will be entertaining sessions with your favorite local “celebrity” chefs. These will cover consumer-level basic techniques and signature dishes of the chefs.

Spirited Sessions classes, sponsored by the Tucson chapter of the United States Bartenders Guild, will cover the spirit spectrum from food and beverage pairings, to wine tastings and cocktail mixology, home brewing and more.

City of Gastronomy series classes will feature culinary masters who help preserve the spirit and flavors of Tucson and Southern Arizona. They are the keepers of age-old traditions, the new generation of wine makers, brewers, distillers and those who have perfected the rich blend of cuisines that have put Tucson on the map as a distinctive culinary destination.

Tucson Campus – 125 S Arizona Ave., Tucson, Az 85701