Best Foods at NCAA Basketball Schools

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Best Food Picks From 16 NCAA Basketball Tournament Schools

March Madness Favorite Foods

It’s the start of March Madness and I just watched this very interesting slideshow at Food Management, a website that “features trends and best practices, products and solutions’ for noncommercial foodservice institutions.  With the start of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, they are looking at 16 schools in the tournament and put up its “all-star player—a best-seller, student-favorite or innovative dish.”

Participants can vote on their favorite looking meal and after four rounds, the winner will be declared. For example, the photo up top is from Duke University. I chose this one because my daughter goes to school there. It features a “veggie burger made with all traditional Southern ingredients and toppings” and is served at the Brodhead Center.

“The patty is made with collard greens, grits and black- eyed peas. The pea-and-collard patty is seared then topped with pimento cheese, fried green tomato, tofu bacon and red cabbage slaw, served open face on a jalapeno-cheddar-corn roll.”

Villanova Sleepyhead Tater Bowl

Villanova Breakfast Bowl

As someone who lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia, I’m a huge fan of Villanova. Their student favorite is a breakfast meal called the “sleepyhead tater bowl” that is a “combination of tots, shredded cheddar cheese, red and yellow peppers, green beans, tomatoes and scallions. The over-easy egg on top is the finishing touch on this definitely-not-boring bowl.”

13 More Great Basketball Teams

There are 13 more schools in their bracket including Virginia, Ohio State, Tennessee, Cincinnati, Xavier, Michigan, North Carolina, Wichita State, West Virginia, Purdue, Kansas, Miami and Michigan State.

Go check out these schools and vote on your favorite looking meals. If you have a moment, please let me know what you picked in the comments below.


Photo Credit: Food Management

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