Birthday Tribute to Barbecue Bob

July 13, 2008 3 Comments

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I wanted to wish my buddy Barbecue Bob a big Happy 46th Birthday and thank him for a wonderful party and his incredible barbecue. Although there are no recipes in this blog posting, I’m hoping you will indulge me this opportunity to wish my friend Robert (Barbecue Bob) a happy birthday. I’m also hoping to get him to share some of his barbecue techniques and secrets after he reads this.

Robert spent two days slow cooking in his smoker a whole pork shoulder, a Boston Butt and a whole brisket. This was his best brisket ever and as one of the guests said and I agree, “if you want authentic barbecue in the Philly area, Barbecue Bob’s house is the place to come.

By the way, the Boston Butt, sometimes called the Boston Blade Roast is the cut of pork coming from the upper shoulder and is my favorite pork cut for braising and making pulled pork. The name Boston Butt supposedly comes from pre-revolutionary New England where these less expensive cuts were packed in casks know as butts for storage and shipping.

Not only was the barbecue delicious along with the sides dishes that family and friends prepared including Roberta’s cole slaw and Ed’s potato salad, the desserts were also a standout.

Our friend Geoff, whose chocolate chip cookies I’ve written about before brought the most amazing dense, rich, flourless Lindt chocolate tort while Robert’s neighbor Bob up the street, also an incredible home cook, made a delicious turtle ice cream pie with lots of fudge and caramel. I’ll have to see if I can get the recipe. If anyone knows where this dish got its name, please post it below. I can’t seem to find its origin.

A great night on a most beautiful summer evening.

Happy Birthday Robert.

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  1. James says:

    Happy Birthday BBQ Bob (albeit belated )! While we don’t know each other I have a great respect for the art and am eager to hear your tips and dare we dream, shared recipes.

    As an aside, I live in the Caribbean now and am planning to build a modified version of a parilla which will doubtless see endless use. Any suggestions on development of same would be appreciated. The most novel aspect so far will be a bellows system enabling me to achieve ultra high searing.

    Again all the best – you’ve rec’d enormous kudos from your friends and all clearly well deserved.


    PS – Thanks again to our Reluctant Gourmet, also deserving of heartfelt kudos and accolades!

  2. BBQ Bob says:


    I would be happy to share either my pulled pork or Texas style brisket recipe. In particular I think we nailed the brisket this year.

    RG is the expert on the parilla. I am all about grilled/smoked meats.

  3. RG says:

    Thanks BBQ Bob, I will be pestering you to share your pulled pork brisket recipe.

    And James, can you describe a parilla? Is it a wood burning oven?

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