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CDI College Edmonton North Culinary School

CDI College Edmonton North

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school name CDI College
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school address 137th Ave Northtown Centre Edmonton, AB
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Start Your Culinary Education in Edmonton (North), Alberta

No need to head into downtown to study at CDI in Edmonton; the Edmonton North campus offers many similar programs as the Edmonton City Centre campus. Just steps from shops in North town centre, you won’t have far to go to get that jolt of caffeine or snack before school starts.

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About CDI College University

Across the city, students will find the West Edmonton Mall, which is easily accessible and full of exciting activities with an amusement park, a waterpark and pitch and putt, all located in the mall. There should never be a dull momentwhile studying at the Edmonton North campus. There’s always something to keep students and families entertained.



Hospitality Business Management (Diploma)


Going to School in Edmonton (North), AB

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