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school address 14 Hughson St. South, Hamilton, ON L8N 4H3
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Start Your Culinary Education in Hamilton, Ontario

CDI College’s Hamilton campus can be found at 14 Hughson St. South. Located in Downtown Hamilton, the campus is close to a number of amenities, including cafes, restaurants, shopping and public services. The campus is also easily accessible by public transit.

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About CDI College University

Manufacturing plays a huge role in the region’s economy and the manufacturing sector is one of the city’s largest employers. With 60% of the nation’s steel being produced in the city, Hamilton has become known as the Steel Capital of Canada. The healthcare, education, construction and financial sectors are also among the city’s major employers.

Hamilton also offers a fair share of cultural activities, including several museums and historic sites. The city has a thriving arts community and several galleries have opened in the downtown core. In addition, Hamilton has produced several well-known Canadian musicians like Kathleen Edwards, Neil Peart of Rush and Caribou over the years and the local music scene continues to flourish. The city is also a frequent concert stop for many notable touring musicians.



Event Management (Diploma)


Going to School in Hamilton, ON

Situated on the western end of Lake Ontario, Hamilton is the geographic centre of the province’s Golden Horseshoe region. It is the ninth largest metropolitan area in Canada.

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