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school name CDI College
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school address 11125 124th Street Surrey, BC V3V 4V2
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Start Your Culinary Education in Surrey, Alberta

The large campus is hosts a variety of programs in business, healthcare, technology, art and design and legal studies. No matter what career path you choose, the Surrey CDI College campus can help you get there.

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About CDI College University

The CDI College Surrey campus is located on 124th Street, near the Scott Road SkyTrain station. With numerous shops and cafes nearby, students need not travel far for a quick bite or a cup of coffee to help them through the day.

The community of Surrey is considered a gateway to the Metro Vancouver region. The campus sits on major bus routes and is accessible by SkyTrain to make your commute to school a simple one.



Hospitality Business Management (Diploma)


Going to School in Surrey, British Columbia

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