Ceramic Greek Coffee Cup

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Ceramic Greek Coffee Cup

This was one of the first items that “caught my eye” when I was browsing Amazon for some gift ideas. This ceramic Greek coffee cup is a replica of the “We Are Pleased to Serve You” cup that originated back in the mid-1960’s and was produced by the Sherri Cup Company of Kensington, Connecticut.

The original was designed to please the hundreds of Greek diners and coffee shops located in the New York City surroundings. Sheirri Cup Company called the cup Anthora, a misspelling of the Greek word Amphora meaning “ancient jars”. So next time you are at a Greek diner enjoying your bacon and eggs, you may want to ask for a “jar of coffee.”

I showed the ceramic Greek coffee cup to my wife who told me she had seen it before and thought it would make a great gift for someone. She reminded me her birthday is coming up and this would make a lovely gift to have sitting in her office for her coffee. Hmmm.

These ceramic versions are dishwasher and microwave safe, 3.75″ tall and hold 10 oz. 

 Greek Coffee Cup – available at Amazon.com

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