Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Your Favorite Home Cook

Stocking stuffers, cooking gadgets, toys for adults…it doesn’t get any better than this time of year for home cooks. If you are looking for some new and old ideas of what to give (or get) for Christmas this year, you will want to check out my latest stocking stuffer.  If you are looking for bigger cooking toys, click here for great Holiday Gift Ideas


x slipat nonstick

 Silpat Non-stick baking sheetI received this Silpat nonstick baking/roasting sheet last year for Christmas and thought it was a flexible cutting board. Big Mistake but once I found out what it was really for, I haven’t stopped using it.

 x microplane zester Microplane Grater/ZesterThis Microplane could be the best Grater/Zester I have ever tried. It’s like working with a woodworking rasp but be careful. It is very sharp and not a tool for unsupervised children. Perfect for zesting lime, grating cheese or ginger.

x taylor thermometer

Grilling & BBQOpening your oven door to check the temperature of what you are cooking can slow down the cooking process by reducing heat and moisture from the oven. This new Taylor digital thermometer can prevent that from happening.


x venturi aerator

Vinturi Essential Wine AeratorMy brother-in-law has one of these and it really works. It decants a bottle of wine in seconds. Just pour the wine through the aerator into a glass or decanter and the wine tastes like it has been breathing for an hour

 not a cup  The Original I Am NOT a Paper CupFor those of you who love to brew your coffee at home but like the look of those plastic cups you get at coffee shops, this may be the perfect gift idea. Looks like a paper cup to-go but is made of double-walled porcelain. Comes with one soft silicone lid but you can buy more.

x ozitech pro

 Ozitech Pro Knife Sharpener

Unfortunately like many of you, I don’t remember to sharpen my knives enough.  Did you know you are less likely to cut yourself with a sharp knife than a dull one?  You don’t have to work as hard with a sharp knife thus avoiding accidental slips.  This Ozitech knife sharpener keeps your knives sharp without breaking that bank.  Check out my full review HERE.



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