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Start Your Culinary Education in Colorado Springs, Colorado

There are several colleges in Colorado Springs, but only one gives you the career-centered training and personal attention you need to kick-start a better career.

When you visit the Colorado Springs college campus of CollegeAmerica, you’ll feel at home right away.  Their friendly staff will give you a tour of our modern facilities, as well as introduce you to some of your future instructors and advisers.

Business Management & Accounting – Event Planning (AAS)  – Colorado Springs, CO

The Associate of Applied Science in Business Management and Accounting with Event Planning Emphasis helps prepare students for employment in a variety of settings, including hotels, resorts, cruise lines, convention centers, nonprofit organizations, corporate venues, and municipal agencies.

Objectives of the program are as follows: providing the student with an integrated understanding of business and economic concepts and how these concepts relate to business and social systems; the recognition of ethical responsibilities and accountability; the development of planning, decision-making, and other management functions; the capacity to implement and adapt to change; and development of analytic thinking and leadership style.

Topics presented focus on working with the client to establish goals and objectives, select the most appropriate site, prepare pre-event publicity and marketing, determine audio-visual requirements, manage food and beverage selections and cost, produce a budget, and negotiate contracts.



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