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August 18, 2012


There are a lot of great cookbooks on the market but there are also some fine cooking ebooks or as I like to call them, eCookbooks, too.

What Is An eCookbook?

An eBook is an electronic version of a book that you can download to your computer, Palm, Pocket PC or some other electronic reader. It was either previously published as a printed book or it can be brand new.

Most eBooks are in pdf format and can be opened and read using an Adobe Reader that most of us already have installed on our computers. If not, you can download the Adobe Reader for free at their web site.

There are some new eBooks out that use programs that making reading them more like reading a book that feature the ability to turn pages just like you would read a book.

What I like about them is how easy it is to search for a recipe on your computer, then print it out and bring to the kitchen. This way I don’t mess up my cookbooks while I’m throwing ingredients around.

If you prefer printed cookbooks, I have listed some of my favorites or if you can check out which cooking magazines I prefer.



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