The Culinary Hall of Fame

September 14, 2012

 The Culinary Hall of Fame

New Web Site “Honoring All Things Culinary”

My friend, Chef David Nelson, just announced the opening of their new web site, Culinary Hall of Fame to showcase culinary web sites, products, services and skills. As a visitor, you will be able to express your opinion daily by voting and writing comments for your favorite


TV Shows Blogs Videos
Cookbooks Schools Instructors
Chefs Caterers Visionaries
Restaurants Recipes Wine
Beer Web Sites

Become a Culinary Hall of Fame Member

If you become a member (it’s Free), you can leave comments about your favorite web sites and they get extra points to move them up the list. It’s a great way to support your favorite culinary sites and help them get noticed.

The Reluctant Gourmet

You can find me as an inductee at the Culinary Hall of Fame here: The Reluctant Gourmet


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