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September 17, 2012

Top Reasons Why eCookbooks Are Great to Own:

  • ecookbooksConvenience – Just browse through the recipes, click and print! Work off of only one sheet of paper in the kitchen.
  • Variety – Where, except in a computer, would you be able to store 100,000 recipes in all sorts of cookbooks?
  • Storage – You can store approximately 500 average sized eBooks on just one CD.
  • Easy Search – Have your computer do your work for you! Find recipes by keywords instead of flipping through pages
  • Lasts Forever – you will never loose it because it’s stored on your computer.
  • World Class Recipes – Virtually every top chef in the world has contributed their best recipes to various e-cookbooks!
  • Easy To Read – By adjusting your printer options, you can print the recipes in any size. No more squinting!
  • Easy To Read 2 – No need to hold it open like a book so it can sit in your lap or on the counter to be read.
  • Economical – eCookbooks offer you an opportunity to organize your grocery list so you have all that you need.
  • Luggage Free – No matter where you are in the world, you can travel and look up all your favorite recipes on your computer!
  • Space Saving – No more boxes of books filling your garage and attic.
  • Environmentally effective – No paper or ink products and doesn’t have to be replace with wear and tear.

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