Culinary Schools in Miami

Culinary Schools in Miami

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Miami has a unique place in American history as the only major American city that was founded by a woman.

Having inherited the land, Julia Tuttle, an Ohio native, bought citrus groves along the Miami River. Determined to build a city, she convinced a railroad executive to extend rail service to the area, and as a result, the city of Miami was chartered. From its humble roots of only 300 residents, the Miami metropolitan area has exploded into a major city with over 5 million residents living in and around the city. In fact, the city is home to more international banks than any other U.S. city, and is recognized as a leader in the areas of finance, commerce, international trade, and entertainment.

What to Do in Miami

With a wealth of activities for residents and visitors alike, Miami is second to none as far as entertainment options are concerned. With opera, ballet, concerts, musicals, and concerts, Miami is home to a variety of well-maintained parks, science centers, museums, and a variety of professional sporting teams, including the Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins, and Florida Marlins. In addition, the city boasts numerous greyhound racing tracks and Jai-Alai.

Going to Culinary School in Miami

A great place to live if you’re interested in the culinary arts, or the hospitality industry, Miami is a major tourist destination. With ties to Latin America and the Caribbean, the culinary scene is diverse, including influences from several different countries. In addition, numerous cruise lines are based and/depart from Miami, meaning that hospitality management students are presented with a wealth of employment opportunity.

Miami – An Award Winning City

A great place to live, Miami has won several awards that speak to the high quality of life its residents enjoy. In 2008, Miami was named “America’s Cleanest City” by Forbes Magazine. As the city has clean streets, city-wide recycling programs, vast green spaces, and clean drinking water, Miami has also been named the 22nd-richest city in the world, and the 3rd-richest city in the United States.

Music in Miami

Home to a diverse music scene, residents of Miami enjoy the musical traditions from Cuba (the conga & rumba), the Dominican Republic (the merengue & bachata), Columbia (vallenato), and West India & the Caribbean (the soca, kompa, zouk, calypso, and reggae).

In addition, Miami is known for launching the disco scene in the 1970’s, as they are the home base of KC and the Sunshine Band. A hub for dance music, Miami is also known for being the home of musical acts Cat Power, Iron & Wine, Sage Francis, Avenue D, Against All Authority, Marilyn Manson, and Ana Cristina.

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