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What Are You Reading In Your Local Newspapers?

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A Look at Current Food Articles I’m Reading & Learning From

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What Athletes in the Olympic Village Will Be Eating

Getting on the menue at the Olympic dining hall seems to be as hard as getting into the Olympics.

by Amanda Shapiro – Bon Appetit – July 31, 2016


Should Colleges Serve Crappy Food on Purpose?

What do you remember about what you ate in college?

by Kiera Butler – Mother Jones – July 29, 2016


Lime Juice Shortage Leaving Margarita Fans on the Rocks

A shortage of Rose’s lime juice is causing angst (panic?) at cocktail hour.

by Kim Ode – Star Tribune – July 22, 2016


When Will Food Issues Be on Politicians’ Plates?

Plate of the Union – a Call For Action On Food & Farms

by Kim Severson – NYTimes – July 26, 2016


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