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Hale Groves Sampler

What I Like About Hale Groves

As a kid, I remember visiting my grandparents in Florida around Easter time and enjoying fresh oranges and grapefruit that I picked myself from my grandparent’s trees. It is a memory that comes back every time I enjoy a really fresh orange or grapefruit.

Now I can get that same memory back by ordering a box of fresh fruit from Hale Groves. Whether it’s a box of oranges or a box of grapefruit, who doesn’t like to receive fresh citrus any time of the year.

Navel oranges, Royal Ruby grapefruit, Honeybells, Presidential tangerines, Fuji apples and Bartlett Pears are just a few of the incredible products available depending on the season.

What’s so special about Hale Groves?

They guarantee their fruit is the freshest and best testing. I’d say that makes them special. The Hale family business is located near Vero Beach, Florida near the very heart of the famous Indian River Citrus Belt where some of the worlds best fruit is grown.

Not only do they promise to provide the best fruit quality, they work just as hard at providing the best customer service possible. They believe in “playing it straight” with the customer so if a mistake is made, they admit it and go about correcting it. If Hale Groves makes a commitment to you, they say they will honor it.

With a rich soil, a great water supply and favorable weather that rarely reaches freezing temperature, along with the latest greatest technology and grove management, Hale Indian River Groves is able to bring you the juiciest and best tasting fruit available.

Gift Idea – Give yourself one!

Let’s face it, most of us rarely buy a box of fruit for ourselves. Typically we send a gift box for the holidays or special occasion. What I’m suggesting is you might someday send yourself a special gift from Hale Groves because I’m sure you deserve it and why not enjoy the best once in a while.

But if you are looking to send a gift to that someone special or to an important client, Hale Groves has made it easy by making gift boxes and baskets for every possible senario. Holidays, occasions including birthday, thank you, get well, sympathy, congratulations, anniversary as well as by price. This helps take the confusion out of what should I send and how much is it going to cost.

So whether it’s a box of fruit or a basket of delicacies, check out Hale Groves

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  1. Eva Stockwell says:

    I called a couple of weeks ago about an order I received that I was very disappointed in for expensive naval oranges. I haven’t heard anything or gotten my refund yet. Is there a problem?

    Eva Stockwell

    I hope that all the Christmas presents that I have sent for the last 2 years were better than these. It would have been very embarrassing!! Thank you!

    Eva, sorry to hear you had difficulty with Hale Groves. You need to contact them directly to let them know you had a problem.

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