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January 22, 2016

Tales From The Front of the House

Tales From The Front of the House: Restaurant Manners, Misbehavior’s & Secrets

In April of 2015, Jeff Benjamin’s new book allowed us a glimpse of what it looks like from the waiters, bartenders and restaurant manager’s viewpoint.  What’s the best way to reserve a table at your favorite restaurant? What does the waiter think of you and does it matter? Or what kind of behavior will get you thrown out of a restaurant?

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About Jeff Benjamin

Jeff is a two-time James Beard Award nominee and partner with Marc Vetri in Philadelphia and his family of great restaurants. He joined with Chef Vetri in 1998 and in just 2 years he helped transform Chef Vetri’s restaurant into what the Philadelphia Inquirer calls “a sublime dining experience.”

In 2006 Jeff and Marc decided to expand on the experience at Vetri to a larger restaurant called Osteria and then again in 2010 with Amis. Continuing to look for more great dining opportunities, Pizzeria Vetri and All Spina were opened. With all that’s going on Jeff still finds time to work the floors of these restaurants to make sure the staff is providing his impeccable standards of quality of service.

Jeff Benjamin

 Philanthropic Causes

Jeff not only works hard to provide fine-dining experiences to his clients, he also supports many charity programs including Little Smiles, Alex’s Lemonade Stand and in 2008 he and Marc created the Vetri Foundation for Children, “a charity that focuses on promoting healthy eating and the childhood obesity crisis.”

 Front of the House

For those of you thinking of getting into a restaurant hospitality career, this book is a great way for you to take a behind-the-scenes- look what it can look like in a high functioning fine-dining experience. It also provides the many ways Jeff and his staff look at a diner’s experience and how to make it the most positive experience possible.

In his book, Jeff talks about team efforts, daily meetings, dedication from the top down, honesty and a whole lot more. Not only a great read for hospitality management students,  but just as good a read for those who have been in the industry and looking for some new ideas for training their own staffs.

Published by Burgess Lea Press and illustrated by Robert Neubecker, Front of the House is now available in hardcover and Kindle at

Order Jeff’s Tales From the Front of the House Here



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