Jersey Shore Summer Fun

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It’s that of the year again when I vacation at the Jersey shore with my family in Avalon and share with you recipes, cooking techniques and restaurant reviews from my favorite vacation destination. Our first night down here we enjoyed our traditional first meal of local Jersey tomatoes with fresh Mozzarella and basil, local corn on the cob, and a whole bunch of steamers. My 9 & 11 year old daughters love them so we now order 100 of them for a meal and unfortunately there are never any left over for linguine and clam sauce the next night.

The Jersey sweet corn this year is as good as I’ve ever seen it and the tomatoes are excellent. Jersey Shore Steamers dipped in melted butter may not be the most healthy item on our menu but they sure taste good.

Our second night we repeated the tomatoes, mozzarella & basil along with the local corn on the cob (like most nights we are down here until we get sick of them but I doubt that) and delicious grilled cheeseburgers. I say delicious because my daughter’s twin friends enjoyed dinner with us and they thought they were the best burgers they ever had. I’ll take that compliment from a couple of 11 year olds any time.

I think the trick to great burgers is 80% – 20% mixture of lean and fatty meat, finely chopped onions in the mixture, let the kids make the burgers in various shapes like hearts, stars, donuts & one they called Billy Maze, don’t overwork the meat and don’t overcook the burgers.  Finally, bring your kids to the beach and get them really hungry by talking long walks and swimming in the ocean. Serve them anything and they will think it is the best they ever had.


Jersey Shore Meals

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