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At this time, The American Institute of Baking (AIB) is not acccepting requests for information from our site. Please visit our listings of top Kansas culinary arts schools in order to find a culinary or hospitality management program near you.

The American Institute of Baking (AIB) is a Kansas-based educational institution with a number of baking production courses offered throughout the world. It is unique among baking schools in that it looks more closely at the technical side of baking, including research, development, and the mechanics of the kitchen.

Closely aligned with the Kansas State University Department of Grain Science, AIB International School of Baking draws from local agricultural resources to create a hands-on learning environment that many food manufacturing industry leaders rely on.

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About AIB International School of Baking

AIB International has been in operation since 1919. The institution’s mission is to “protect the safety of the food supply chain and deliver high value technical and educational programs.” To better meet these goals, the school not only offers educational courses in baking, but it also offers certifications to industrial food companies that seek to prove that they meet standard codes of excellence.

While this aspect of the company does not directly affect students of the Baking Technologist or Maintenance Engineering courses, it does mean that graduates have an edge in the field, since they are coming from a highly recognized name.

The School of Baking at AIB International is just one of several departments. There are also Auditing Services, Food Safety Education, and Research & Technical options. However, most students coming to the school for a basic education choose to focus on either the 16-week Baking Technologist course or the 11-Week Maintenance Engineering course.

About the Baking Technologist Program

The Baking Technologist (Baking Science and Technology) course is the closest thing to culinary training offered through AIB. It is used primarily as a continuing education-type course for professional bakers who wish to enter into more technical and research-based food production, although first-time students are also eligible for the course. Classes include everything from baking science and basic mathematics to food safety and baked good production, with a focus on why things work and how they can be improved for production. The course is offered on a full-time work schedule of 40-hour weeks.

About the Maintenance Engineering Program

The Maintenance Engineering course focuses less on baking and more on the mechanical equipment behind the scenes. It teaches the construction and design of baking circuitry, refrigeration, and assembly lines as well as how these pieces of equipment affect the science behind baking.


AIB International is accredited through its affiliation with Kansas State University. It has regional accreditation through the North Central Association of Schools, so many of the courses are transferable to other colleges in the United States. Additional accreditation is accomplished through the International Association for Continuing Education and Training, and the institute itself is responsible for bestowing certifications on many leading baking production companies.

Financial Aid

AIB operates under different financing guidelines than Kansas State University, which means that not all students are eligible for scholarships and financial aid. In most cases, students have to be entering the courses without the sponsorship of their company in order to qualify. Prospective students seeking more information on tuition costs and the type of financial aid available are encouraged to talk with the school’s Scholarship Chairman.


The facility’s instructors are comprised of a lineup of well-educated and experienced professionals. The classroom teachers are the same people who have been leading food production services for decades, and many of them hold advanced degrees from the Kansas State University Agricultural department.


Most courses are split into two halves: four hours of classroom instruction and four hours of hands-on work on the equipment. To create a better real-world scenario for students, all of the facilities used for the hands-on portion are modern and up-to-date. Students can expect to work on the machines currently in use at some of the most advanced production lines in the world; in fact, these same students are often a part of new mechanical developments in the baking industry.

Going to School in Manhattan, KS

AIB is located in Manhattan, Kansas, a city located about 50 miles west of the capital city of Topeka. The city is home to Kansas State University, which gives it a fairly young and academic demographic with a nightlife that kicks into gear during the school months. At the same time, the surrounding area is primarily farm-based and family-oriented, which makes it a good place for those seeking a slower pace during their studies or those who enjoy outdoor pursuits.

More Information

If you are interested in any of these programs and would like to find out more, please request information from AIB International School of Baking – Manhattan, KS.

Below is some basic information about this school and its programs. We recommend you look at the information provided to see if the school is a good fit for you. If it is, fill out the short questionnaire and someone from the school will contact you to answer any other questions you may have.