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Start your culinary school education in South Portland, ME

The fourth-largest city in the state of Maine, South Portland is known for being a hub of retail and economic activity. Located in the heart of South Portland, Kaplan University is pleased to offer a Travel and Hospitality Management program to prospective students.

Attending culinary arts school is a great step forward in your career, and you’ve probably got some questions. Is there scholarship money available? How long will it take? Where do I start? Let us help you fill in the blanks to any questions you might have.

If you are interested in attending cooking school at Kaplan University we recommend you look at the information below and see if this school is the right fit. If it is, click on the “Request Free School Info” button, fill out the short questionnaire and a representative from the school will contact you to answer any additional questions about the school, costs, financial aid and how to apply.

About Kaplan University

Kaplan University in South Portland is part of a larger network of schools in Iowa, Maine, Oregon, and Nebraska. The programs are focused on specific careers and therefore offer specific training in those areas of study. Some of the programs take the hands-on approach right out into the community with the possibility for externships.

Located in the community of South Portland, Oregon, the school and its location offer a fun atmosphere where students can get a fresh start on their futures. Classes can be taken both day and night, allowing for working adults to use the school as an opportunity to change careers or to advance in their chosen field.

Travel and Hospitality Management

Designed to prepare students with the technical skills, work habits, and knowledge needed in order to pursue entry-level positions in the hospitality and travel industry, the Travel and Hospitality Management program at Kaplan University focuses on the rail, cruise, motor coach, food and beverage, airline, and accommodation industries. In addition, students will learn effective communication skills, critical thinking, and various processes for understanding client and coworker needs.


Kaplan University in South Portland is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA).

Financial Aid

Students interested in financial aid should begin the process by completing a FAFSA form. Kaplan University participates in a variety of loan and grant programs, and the Financial Aid Office is ready to answer any questions you may have.

Faculty and Facilities

With technology-enhanced classrooms, program-specific laboratories, and computer labs, students at Kaplan University benefit from a hands-on educational experience. As class size is limited to 25 students, instructors are able to offer an intimate learning experience in the classroom. In addition to easy internet access, computers, and other technology, Kaplan University in South Portland also offers a full-service library to students.

Going to School in South Portland, ME

Situated on the Portland harbor, the city of South Portland was founded in 1895. Located to numerous marine, highway, and air transportation options, the city of South Portland is known for being a center of industry and retail in the state of Maine.

The city of South Portland is also home to the Portland-Montreal Pipe Line, in addition to the largest railroad yard in New England. Fairchild Semiconductor and National Semiconductor are also located in the city, further pointing to the diverse and varied economy that is present in South Portland.

Residents of South Portland benefit from several entertainment and recreation possibilities, including the Shoreway Arboretum, South Portland Historical Society, Fort Preble, Portland Breakwater Lighthouse, The Portland Harbor Museum, and Lyric Music Theater.