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Start your culinary school education in Springfield, MA

The birthplace of basketball and home to the Basketball Hall of Fame, Springfield also has a top Culinary Arts School at the Branford hall Career Institute. Springfield, MA is located on the Connecticut River near the city of Hartford.

An urban area of over 150,000 people set in the beauty of New England, Springfield, MA is an important historic, cultural and educational center. Located in the hearth of Springfield, Branford Hall Career Institute is a leader in culinary arts training and education.

Any important decision is accompanied by important questions, and attending culinary arts school is no different. How much will it cost? How long does it take? How do I start? Can I get financial aid? Get the information you need, and the answers you’re looking for.

Below is some basic information about Branford Hall Career Institute’s culinary arts programs, but if you really want to learn more, you can click on the botton below, fill out the short questionnaire and a representative from the school will contact you to talk about how to apply, time requirements, costs and just about anything else you may need to know.

About Branford Hall Career Institute

Branford Hall Career Institute has been providing career-focused education for over 40 years, and has six campuses across New England.  It was founded in 1965 by Nelson Bernabucci, a business teacher who saw the need for quality, focused career education.  The school developed a reputation for excellence in career education.

Branford Hall Career Institute is part of the Premier Education Group, one of the Northeast’s largest career education businesses.  The schools of PEG focus on providing the finest faculty, support services and facilities in the business and to provide career education that encourages dignity and self-respect among their graduates.

Branford Hall Career Institute provides focused education to prepare students for careers that are projected to be in high demand.  Students do not take general academic classes; all classes are practical, applicable in the real world and hands-on.

Student support services begin with admission and continue through post-graduate career services.  The school provides placement assistance and training in career search skills, including goal-setting, resume-writing and interviewing.

Culinary Arts – Diploma

Culinary Arts training is offered at Branford Hall’s Technical Training Center in Springfield, Massachusetts.  Students of this program learn about food and nutritional science, knife skills, various cuisines, food preparation, preparation of soups and sauces, cooking techniques for international and spa cuisines, meal preparation and service, front-of-house and back-of-house business operations and computer skills.

The Culinary Arts Program at Branford Hall is intense and focused and includes an externship at a local restaurant. Graduates of the Culinary Arts Program receive a diploma and are well-prepared for entry level positions in the food services industry or to begin their own business.


Branford Hall Career Institute’s Springfield, MA campus is accredited by the Accreditation Council of Independent Colleges and Schools.

Faculty and Facilities

Located at 189 Brookdale Drive, facilities at Branford Hall are modern and up to date, using industry-standard professional equipment.  Students gain industry experience in a four-star restaurant and through local externships.  Faculty members are qualified, experienced professionals who enjoy cooking and teaching. Professionals in their own fields, the faculty at Branford Hall Career Institute are also well-respected members of the culinary arts community.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available, for those who qualify, from a variety of sources. Applicants are given information and help filling out necessary forms for obtaining grants and loans. Talk to the school’s Financial Aid Department to schedule a meeting after you submit your Application for Admissions.

Going to School in Springfield, MA

Although Bart Simpson doesn’t come from Springfield, Massachusetts, Dr. Seuss did, and he is immortalized in the Dr. Seuss Sculpture Garden that is part of the Quadrangle, a grouping of world-class museums and sculpture gardens.  One of those museums is the G. W. Vincent Smith Art Museum, which has the largest collection of Chinese cloisonné in the Western world.

If you prefer music, Springfield has that, too.  Whether you attend the symphony or rock out at the Stearns Square City Block concerts in the summer, go to the clubs and listen to jazz or attend the major concerts you’ll enjoy the active music scene.

Historical sites abound around Springfield.  One of the most fascinating is the National Armory Historic Site, where George Washington established the first National Armory in the US—during the Revolutionary War. Springfield, Massachusetts, was always an industrial city.  Since the decline of manufacturing in the area, the city has struggled; recently it has started to become more retail-based, as well as a cultural center for Western Massachusetts.

Located in this “City of Firsts,” is the Branford Hall Career Institute, which has been providing quality career-focused education for over forty years.

Springfield is also called the “City of Homes” because of the many beautiful Victorian mansions and the large number of working-class single family dwellings.  These lovely homes create the neighborhoods with tree-lined streets, parks and schools.  Many neighborhoods have a distinctive ethnic flair—with wonderful ethnic restaurants.  Getting your culinary education in Springfield allows you to live in this beautiful city and experience its culture, history—and food.

More Information

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