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For the meat eaters, here are some of my favorite all-time meat recipes including beef recipes, pork recipes & lamb recipes. I do have a few for veal, venison and buffalo, but not too many.

Meatloaf recipes are popular now and I have two – a basic meatloaf recipe that even your kids will enjoy and something a little more fancy called Meatball Nicois. There’s a basic roast beef recipe along with a basic roast pork and roast leg of lamb.

For those who are enjoying sous vide cooking, a technique I’m just starting to learn more about, there is a great recipe for sous vide pork tenderloin. And for those who enjoy cooking in a crock pot, be sure to check out my slow cooked pork chops recipe. There’s a lot here for everyone’s tastes and more recipes added all the time.

Osso Buco Leftovers

April 4, 2006 0 Comments
Osso Buco Leftovers

What to Do With Leftover Osso Buco If you tried my beef shank osso buco recipe from the other night and had any leftovers, you may be interested in knowing what I did with mine. Osso buco is one of those great meals that not only is fantastic the night you make it, but may […]

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Osso Buco Revisited

April 2, 2006 12 Comments
Osso Buco Revisited

Osso Buco with Beef Shanks I love classic osso buco (AW-soh BOO-koh) made with veal shanks that are braised in wine, stock and a whole bunch of vegetable ingredients. Some home cooks are not thrilled with using veal as an ingredient, others may find veal shanks too expensive so I thought I would give beef […]

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