The Art Institute of St Louis – Permanently Closed

The Art Institute St. Louis

1520 S 5th St #107 – St. Louis, MO 63033

This Art Institutes school is permanently closed.


Going To School in St. Louis

St. Louis is the largest city in the sunshine state and is located on the northeastern coast in Duvall County.  With a metropolitan population of over 1.3 million, St. Louis is a bustling haven that provides enjoyment for anyone no matter their pleasure.  If you like the arts, St. Louis hosts the famous St. Louis Jazz Festival and also plays home to an international film festival.

This is also the St. Louis Museum of Modern Art in an extensive sixty thousand square foot building.  St. Louis is also friendly to sports fans as they are the home of the St. Louis Jaguars football team.  If you are into nature, St. Louis has the largest network of urban parks in all of the US.  With the beaches close at hand and seafood festivals amidst a sea of restaurants and cultural activities, St. Louis makes a perfect place of study, enjoyment and employment.


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