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About Eastwick College – Hackensack Campus

Eastwick College Hackensack is located in the city of Hackensack in Bergen County, just 12 miles northwest of York City. The school offers nearby parking and is easily accessible by bus (the Hackensack bus terminal is just 1½ blocks from the building) and from major highways.

The 54,000 square foot building is accessible to the handicapped and includes air conditioned rooms, lounges, and dining areas in a pleasant learning environment. Eastwick College Hackensack is a commuting institution; there is no boarding at the college.

An on-campus commercial kitchen with equipment approved by the National Sanitation foundation serves the needs of culinary arts students.


The curriculum includes all facets of food service operations, including nutrition, food preparation, bartending, food sensitivities, purchasing procedures, menu planning, facilities design and table service.

Students study a wide range of cuisines in the culinary program, which includes an integrated food science component, baking of pastries and desserts, and a special catering and hospitality module, and are prepared for entry-level opportunities including prep cooks, line cooks, station chefs, and bartenders.

With experience, these opportunities may lead them to positions such as chef, sous-chefs, pastry chefs, executive chefs, or food service managers. While the school strives to provide students with the best tools to prepare for their careers, they cannot and do not guarantee employment.

The program  introduces their students to each and every aspect of our industry – from fast food to fine dining, resorts to motels, cruises to nightclubs, sports/entertainment venue to loyal small businesses – in this way the students are more likely to find their niche in our industry quicker.

Their students are trained in all the classic techniques that make cooks turn into chefs. Cooks that follow recipes evolve into chefs that know techniques and are able to fuse various cuisine and present their plates in elegant designs as well as decorate sweet treats and cakes.

Business & Hospitality

Their programs are the first step to a rewarding career in business, accounting, or hospitality management, with a curriculum that includes marketing, hotel sales, hotel operations, business law, human resource management, and accounting.

Students in the business and hospitality degree at Eastwick College are prepared for a wide range of career fields in the business and hospitality sectors, such as administrative services management, accounting and auditing, and event planning.