Culinary Schools in New York City

Culinary Schools in New York City

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A truly unique city, New York is often referred to as the “Big Apple.”

A cultural and educational mecca in the United States, New York City is also home to the Statue of Liberty, Broadway, and numerous other landmarks (including the Empire State Building).

If you’ve dreamed of a culinary career in a big city that is chock full of action, New York City might be the perfect location for you. With numerous top culinary arts schools, New York is a great place to live and go to school.

Going to Culinary School in New York City

Home to a large number of immigrants, it’s no surprise that New York is known for its diverse culinary traditions. In addition to having over 4,000 mobile food vendors positioned around the city, New York is home to Greek, Moroccan, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, English, German, Russian, Spanish and French cuisines.

While dishes such as New York-style pizza and cheesecake might be the most popular, the city is also famous for its bagels, and world-renowned haute cuisine.

The People of New York

Home to over 8 million residents, New York is the most populous city in the United States. Likewise, the city is also home to the largest number of Jewish residents, more than any other city in the world. While New Yorkers are often known for being obnoxious and rude, most residents are friendly, contrary to the popular stereotype.

While there is a wide disparity in income levels between residents of New York (the wealthy earn an average of $200,000/year, while the poor average around $10,000/year), culinary arts students will be able to pursue employment in a number of high-end culinary establishments.

Sports and Education in New York City

Home to the New York Rangers (NHL), New York Mets (MLB), New York Yankees (MLB), New York Jets (NFL), New York Giants (NFL), and the New York Nets (NHL), it’s no exaggeration to say that sporting events are a pretty big deal in New York City. The city is also home to the New York Marathon, a major attraction that is run every year.

Home to the largest public school system in the United States, New York City is also home to an elite network of private schools, in addition to numerous secondary education and college facilities. The Julliard School, Columbia University, NYU, and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine are just a few of the educational facilities located within the city.

Sights and Activities in the Big Apple

Often called “The City That Never Sleeps,” New York boasts 24-hour action in a variety of venues. Even the subways run nearly all the time. With no shortage of activities, residents and visitors alike enjoy nightly theater and Broadway performances, views of the New York skyline, or touring the harbor.

Central Park is also a huge draw, as it is home to a zoo, hiking trails, and numerous other activities. With other parks located throughout New York, and a wide variety of restaurants, residents never lack for something to do.

Independent films and new music groups are constantly popping up, and many film students choose New York City as their place of study. With an ever-growing number of talented artists calling New York home, it’s no surprise that numerous comedy shows, talk shows, movies, and television shows are made in the city.