Ron Sexsmith in Concert

January 15, 2007 0 Comments

This has nothing to do with cooking, although I did have a great Tommy Gunn’s pulled pork sandwich before the show, but I wanted to share my concert experience with you.

Last night my wife treated a couple of our friends and me to see Ron Sexsmith play at World Café Live here in Philadelphia.  World Café is part of WXPN radio station transmitting from the University of Pennsylvania campus and is considered to be one of the best rock and roll stations in the country.

Although Ron’s voice was a bit weary from laryngitis, the show was great and he pulled off the show with incredible professionalism when I’m sure he would rather have been curled up in bed somewhere drinking tea and nursing his health.

We first heard Ron Sexsmith’s music on WXPN years ago and my wife, the bigger fan, immediately ran out and bought his latest CD. When she heard he was going to be in town this weekend, she purchased some tickets and invited a couple of friends out for dinner and a concert.

This is a huge treat for us to hear any kind of music, especially someone as talented as Mr. Sexsmith. When we both lived in NYC, married and before we were married, we both went to a lot of concerts around the city. Now with two young kids at home, getting out isn’t as easy as it used to be. So this was a huge treat.

I’m sorry Ron’s voice was not at full range but even so, his lyrics are so good you might not have known he was struggling except for all the hot tea they kept bringing him on stage.

So if you are not aware of Ron Sexsmith and are looking for some great new music to listen to, I highly recommend you purchase one of Ron’s albums and give him a listen. I think you will be very satisfied.

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