Smorrebrod Coming To New York City

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Smorrebrod Coming To New York City

You might remember a few weeks ago I interviewed famous Danish chef, Trina Hahnemann, covering her new cookbook “The Scandinavian Cookbook.” If you have a knack for wonderfully delicious Danish food, like myself, and are living in the New York City area then you are in luck.

The Consulate General of Denmark invites you to sample famous Danish rye bread, or Rugbrød, at the New Amsterdam Market in New York City on Sunday, November 14 from 11am to 4pm. As a part of The Rye Bread Project, this event, titled Smorrebrod Table 2010, kicks off Grains Week 2010, a week of programs by Greenmarket and New Amsterdam Market to educate people about eating local grains and promote healthy eating.

Don’t know what Smorrebrod (pronounced smoe-bruth) is? It is the Danish open-faced sandwich that Danes and other Scandinavians have been dining on for centuries. These sandwiches are made with rugbrod (pronounced rue-bruth), which is a healthy alternative to white or even wheat bread.

Known for its dietary fiber content, it is also low in sugar and fat. Oprah famously talked about rugbrod during one of her segments last year after a visit to Copenhagen saying, “I so love it. I have a slice every morning “¦ it’s like eating earth.”

Proceeds from Smorrebrod Table 2010 go to New Amsterdam Market and The Rye Bread Project, formed by Trina Hahnemann and researcher Claire Hartten. The project is meant to look at Nordic food traditions in terms of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, promoting the growth of children and helping to fight increasing levels of obesity and diabetes.

Smorrebrod Table 2010 will have lots of fun events for people to take part in, including: a home bakers meet-up (bakers will bring a loaf of their home baked bread), a panel discussion of regional grains, cooking demonstrations at the Union Square Greenmarket and a bread baking class at The Brooklyn Kitchen. Most importantly, Trina Hahnemann will prepare Danish smorebrod at the event while five local chefs will compete to prepare the best traditional open-faced sandwich.

All sandwiches at the event will be made with Danish Rye bread baked by Nordic Breads, which is available for purchase every week at New Amsterdam Market. Danish and regional beers will be poured by Jimmy Carbone of Jimmy’s No. 43. Grains Week 2010 will culminate with a community pancake breakfast at New Amsterdam Market on Sunday, November 21.

New Amsterdam Market is located in Lower Manhattan on South Street & Peck Slip. Tickets are $20, which includes three different sandwiches.

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