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Start Your Culinary Education in Memphis, Tennessee

A small town located just outside of Memphis, TN, the city of Cordova is gradually being absorbed by it’s neighbor to the south. Located in the heart of Cordova, the Memphis campus of L’Ecole Culinaire is a leader in culinary arts training, offering several culinary programs to prospective students.

Attending culinary arts school is a great step forward in your career, and you’ve probably got some questions. Is there scholarship money available? How long will it take? Where do I start? Let us help you fill in the blanks to any questions you might have.

About L’Ecole Culinaire

Offering a Diploma in Culinary Essentials, or an Associate of Occupational Studies in Culinary Arts degree to prospective students, the Memphis campus of L’Ecole Culinaire is a leader in culinary arts education and training. Known for its career-based educational strategy, L’Ecole Culinaire operates on a 10-week phase schedule instead of the traditional semester or quarter found at most universities.

As a result, students can focus on one topic at a time, allowing complete immersion into the course through hands-on training, and small class sizes. Training is both focused and highly intensive, allowing students real-world experience in a supportive educational environment. Regardless of the program, students spend 100% of their time focused on classwork inside their chosen field, which means that L’Ecole Culinaire graduates are prepared for a career in the culinary arts.

Culinary Arts – Associate of Occupational Studies

An Associate of Occupational Studies degree program, the Culinary Arts curriculum at L’Ecole Culinaire – Memphis consists of 144 credit hours, and spans 90 weeks in length. Throughout the course of the program, students will spend 130 credit hours learning about cookery theory in a classroom and hands-on lab environment, in addition to 14 credit hours which are devoted to general education in culinary arts.

The AOS in Culinary Arts curriculum focuses on marketing, cost analysis, food production and creativity, nutrition, and sanitation, in addition to expanded culinary arts skills. Students of this course of study will also learn how to develop their own approach and culinary techniques. Upon graduation, students will be well-equipped to seek entry-level management positions in the food service industry.

Culinary Essentials – Diploma

The Culinary Essentials curriculum at L’Ecole Culinaire is a diploma program, designed to equip graduates with the skills needed in order to pursue entry-level employment as a station chef, short-order cook, institutional cook, assistant, line-cook, or apprentice. Training in this hands-on course of study focuses on the skills needed in order to become a contributing member of a culinary team, whether as part of the baking/pastry bench, line operation, or the brigade.

In addition to these skills, students of the Culinary Essentials curriculum will learn how to evaluate inventory, supply, and waste control, assist with customer service, and perform tasks as a boulanger at the baker’s bench. This program is 60 weeks in length, and consists of 92 credit hours of cookery theory, in addition 6 credit hours in the basic culinary arts.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available to those who qualify. L’Ecole Culinaire participates in state and federal Title IV financial aid programs. Interested students should fill out a FAFSA form, and contact the Financial Aid Office with any questions or concerns.


The Memphis campus of L’Ecole Culinaire is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).


The faculty at L’Ecole Culinaire – Memphis are known for their innovative and hands-on approach to education. Through small class sizes and career-based instruction, the faculty of L’Ecole equip graduates with the skills needed in order to pursue a career in the culinary arts. Professionals in their own right, instructors at L’Ecole Culinaire – Memphis are also professionals in the Memphis culinary arts community and industry.


Located at 1245 N. Germantown Parkway, the Memphis campus of L’Ecole Culinaire is a modern, up-to-date facility. Consisting of culinary and baking labs, multiple classrooms, the Memphis facility also features a demonstration kitchen and simulated restaurant, providing students with hands-on training in a real-world environment.

Going to School in Memphis, TN

Memphis is actually the largest city in the state of Tennessee and is home to a wonderful variety of attractions. Whether fine dining or down-home barbecue is the evening’s choice, it can be found in the metro area (which claims approximately 1.25 million people). Such a commitment to the culinary arts bodes well for the prospective culinary student.

In fact, the world’s largest pork barbecue contest is held in Memphis annually. Offering a great opportunity for immersion in the local cuisine, this festival is also a great time for all. Of course, with famous “Memphians” like Elvis Presley, B.B. King, and Johnny Cash, Memphis is also known for its music culture.

A great place to live, graduates of L’Ecole Culinaire will be hard-pressed to leave the beautiful city of Memphis, TN!

More Information

If you are interested in any of these programs and would like to find out more, please request more information from L’Ecole Culinaire – Memphis, TN.