Culinary Institute LeNotre – Houston, TX

Culinary Institute LeNotre Houston

7070 Allensby St Houston, TX 77022

Start your culinary school education in Houston, Texas

The Culinary Institute LeNôtre® (CIL) in Houston, Texas, is the only French-owned culinary school in the US. It aims to train and welcome the culinary experts of tomorrow into its international family of renowned chefs and hospitality workers.

The Institute was founded in 1998 by third generation French Chef Alain LeNôtre and Marie LeNôtre. The LeNôtre name is known worldwide for its French cuisine and Pastry Art.


Culinary School in Houston Texas


At Culinary Institute LeNôtre®, students study both classic and contemporary culinary methods, learn to prepare hundreds of recipes and expand their knowledge of various topics related to the culinary arts including nutrition, menu development and wine fundamentals.

Culinary Arts

AAS Degree in Culinary Arts – 80 weeks

Elite Diplôme in Culinary Arts – 60 weeks

Elite Diplôme de Cuisine – 50 weeks

Baking and Pastry

AAS Degree in Baking & Pastry Arts – 80 weeks

Elite Diplôme in Baking & Pastry Arts – 60 weeks

Elite Diplôme de Pâtisserie – 50 weeks


Culinary Arts Students at LeNotre culinary school

Hospitality and Restaurant Management

AAS Degree in Hospitality & Restaurant Management – 80 weeks

A trip in Louisiana is included in the tuition for this Associate Degree.

CIL offers programs with the option of specialty electives such as Hotel, Hospitality and Restaurant Management, LeNôtre Sommelier or Advanced Artistic Skills of Pastry Décor.

Why pick Culinary Institute LeNotre?

✓The only French-owned culinary school in the US.

✓85% hands-on kitchen lab instruction providing the best way to memorize for life

✓ Adaptable schedules to each student’s needs:

  • Morning, afternoon or evening kitchen-lab shifts to accommodate your lifestyle,
  • Five starts a year.

✓12:1 average student-chef ratio offering individualized attention in kitchen labs

✓14 French full-time chef instructors

✓10 weeks of real world externships in every program

✓Opportunity for an externship in France, if qualified

✓$1.5 million in Scholarships & Grants

✓Free scholarships workshops

The main Campus features an award-winning on-site gourmet restaurant, Kris French Bistro as well as an Organic Garden providing unique community bounds and garden to plate opportunities.


The college is accredited by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation (ACFEF) and a part of the World Association of Chefs Societies.