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Start your culinary school education in San Antonio, Texas

Known as the “River City,” San Antonio is an exciting place to live if you’re interested in a culinary arts career. Located in the heart of San Antonio, The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of San Antonio is a leader in culinary arts education and training.

If you have been thinking about attending culinary arts school, you are most likely asking yourself questions like how much is it going to cost, how long will it take to graduate, how & where do I apply and is financial aid available?

If you are interested in attending culinary arts school at The Art Institute of San Antonio we recommend you look at the information below and see if this school is the right fit. If it is, select your program below, fill out the short questionnaire and a representative from the school will contact you to answer any additional questions about the school, costs, financial aid and how to apply.

About The Art Institute of San Antonio

The Art Institute has been in existence for over 35 years. As an educational institution, it thrives on providing students with a place to capture their creativity and transform it into a life-long career. They offer a variety of diplomas and degrees, including both Associate of Science and Bachelor Degrees in most of their fields. The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Houston is considered to be a branch of The Art Institute of Houston.

The school’s mission is to provide educational programs to best prepare students for landing entry-level jobs. This is accomplished by combining academics with critical thinking skills, job-related learning, and effective teamwork.

In fact, one of the guiding principles behind the Art Institute is its commitment to working with national and local employers to deliver industry-standard skills and job training. All International Culinary Schools at the Art Institutes provide a well-rounded curriculum that encompasses international cuisine and techniques.

About the AAS in Culinary Arts Program

The Culinary Arts degree is offered as an Associate of Applied Science . The AAS is completed over a course of two years and prepares graduates to be hired for entry-level positions such as a line cook or garde manager. Coursework includes menu and beverage management, cost control, sanitation, and nutrition. In addition, you’ll learn how to produce food quickly, and in quantity, while working with other creative individuals.

About the BS in Culinary Management Program

The Culinary Management BS degree focuses more on culinary skills related to running or managing a business. It includes courses on communication, leadership, human resources, marketing, food safety, and technology. The course includes a hands-on externship; otherwise, all instruction is provided in the classroom. This course of study prepares graduates to seek entry-level positions in food service institutions, hotels, restaurants, catering businesses, and other hospitality industries.


The Art Institute of San Antonio is a branch campus of The Art Institute of Houston. As such, The Art Institute of Houston is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award associate degrees and baccalaureate degrees.

Financial Aid

Available for those who qualify for federal or state assistance, The Art Institute of San Antonio has numerous financial representatives available to answer any questions and concerns you might have about financial aid. In addition, these representatives are happy to discuss loan, grant, and scholarship opportunities with prospective students.


Faculty members are chosen for two primary reasons: the first is their proven experience in the culinary field, and the second is their commitment to making the most out of each student’s potential. They teach through a combination of leadership skills training, hands-on culinary applications, and a focus on current technology. Most culinary classes are taught by chef-instructors who come from a variety of national and international restaurants; the Culinary Management courses are taught primarily by the behind-the-scenes masters of successful businesses.


Each student of the International Culinary School has access to state-of-the-art kitchen equipment. Modern techniques are taught alongside classical styles, and students are encouraged to explore their own unique methods. To increase the potential for hire after graduation, many skills focus on real-world skills.

Going to School in San Antonio, TX

Famous for its Tejano culture, SeaWorld San Antonio, and the beautiful Riverwalk, it’s no surprise that San Antonio is the destination of choice for over 20 million tourists each year. The fourth-fastest growing city in the United States between the years of 2000 and 2004, San Antonio is a great place to live, work, and go to school.

Perhaps the most famous piece of architecture in San Antonio is that of The Alamo. With the saying “Remember the Alamo” becoming the rallying cry for the Texas Revolution, the Alamo was besieged by Antonio López de Santa Anna in 1836, falling after 13 days.

While there is much history in and around San Antonio, the city is also home to the Marion Koogler McNay Art Museum. At the opposite end of the cultural spectrum, the San Antonio Spurs (NBA) also call the city home. A place where old meets new, San Antonio is a melting pot of different entertainment options.

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