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Top Five Selling Cookbooks in November 2015

November 6, 2015 0 Comments

 #3. Food52 Genius Recipes: 100 Recipes That Will Change the Way You Cook – Kristen Miglore

A great cooking blog, now Food52 has put 100 of their best recipes into a new cookbook and it appears to be very popular.  It is a New York Times Best Seller and Chef Michael Ruhlman says, This is my new favorite cookbook.”  Here’s what Amazon says about the book:

These are what Food52 Executive Editor Kristen Miglore calls genius recipes. Passed down from the cookbook authors, chefs, and bloggers who made them legendary, these foolproof recipes rethink cooking tropes, solve problems, get us talking, and make cooking more fun. n this collection are 100 of the smartest and most remarkable ones.

Some of these recipes you’ll follow to a T, but others will be jumping-off points for you to experiment with and make your own. Either way, with Kristen at the helm, revealing and explaining the genius of each recipe, Genius Recipes is destined to become every home cook’s go-to resource for smart, memorable cooking—because no one cook could have taught us so much.

Let’s look at some of the reviews at Amazon:

»A book you’ll actually reference …what I mean is, it’s not JUST a pretty cookbook with nice pictures…

»Good-looking, well-designed book, but a bit of a disappointment. A handful of recipes lived up to the hype — such as the well-known, game-changing Jim/Lahey/Mark Bittman recipe for no-knead bread — but most were simply decent recipes that did not redefine any concepts or establish new paradigms. “Genius” is clearly an overblown term.

»Beautiful photographs. I bought this as a gift for my sister, a gourmet cook, and she loves it! It was hard to the put the book down in order to gift wrap it. I hope she doesn’t notice the pages I drooled on (lol). 😉

»Such a great variety and awesome tips to make each recipe special and user friendly. Can’t wait to get cooking!

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