Trader Joe’s Is Going Mango Crazy

June 13, 2016 1 Comment

Mango Month at Trader Joe's

How Many Way’s Can You Sell Mango at Trader Joe’s?

Was at Trader Joe’s this weekend to do a little shopping with my wife as we do most weekends and everywhere I turned there were products featuring mango. I’m figuring June must be mango month so I looked it up online and yes it is.

According to Rachel Munoz, Marketing Director for the National Mango Board, “Fresh mango is available year-round, but we typically see the highest volume overall with at least three mango varieties in the market in June.  The crop comes just in time to kick off summer with the unmistakable, signature flavor that fresh mango brings to menus.”

There were Mango Ginger Seed Crisps (which we purchased and are really good), Mango Gummies, and Mango Slices at one register.

Mango Products

At the register to the left you’ll find Mango Joe Joe’s, Mango Taffy, and more Mango Slices. (see top photo)

At the head of one island, I found Mango O’s Cereal that are “Sweet, tart & O so crunchy!

Mango Cereal

I was a little surprised by the display for fresh mango’s – not nearly as extravagant as I would have expected with it being Mango Month.

Fresh Mangos

Can’t wait to roast some salmon and make a bowl of mango salsa to go with it.

Mango Salsa topping Roasted Salmon

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  1. Julia E. says:

    They are doing the same in the Seattle area. I figure TJs must have scored a great deal on mangoes! It seems like a great price for fresh, I am pretty unlikely to buy the other products.

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