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Food Photography

When I received an email from Simon at asking to trade links, I requested he send me some photos to display on my site. He agreed and the photos are incredible and although my dishes don’t look as good as these photos, they are great examples of how you can plate and serve your own.

Mind you, I used to be in the film business and we photographed what we called “beauty shots” for food commercials and it took hours for the home economist to get the plate looking just right and then the cameraperson to light the plate just right and the advertising agency to agree the plate looked just right. You get the idea.

Over time, I’m hoping Simom will provide me with some more photos to display around my site. Here is some information they sent me that describes what they do. provides high quality food photography for the food & catering industry, design groups, publishers and advertising agencies.

Whether for use on a book cover, restaurant display, menu design, food packaging, or even fleet vehicle livery, by specializing only in food photography they ensure that their service meets the exacting demands of food industry professionals.



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