Culinary School in Park City Utah


This school has moved from Park City Utah to Salt Lake City Utah. Click the link below to see the new location.

Park City Culinary Institute – Salt Lake City


Park City Culinary Institute Culinary School

7720 Royal Street East – Park City, Utah 84060

Park City Culinary Institute

Cook in a City with More Chefs per Capita than even Paris

With over 100 restaurants, dozens of nearby farms, smokehouses, and artisan cheese makers, Park City, Utah is noted to have more chefs per capita than even Paris. With a faculty of seasoned chefs, our students are immersed in five-star techniques using local ingredients they often pick themselves at local farms.

Our classes take place in a real commercial kitchen, located in prestigious Deer Valley. We have been featured both locally and nationally for our distinctive approach to culinary education. From day one, our culinary classes are hands-on using professional equipment.

We take pride in offering a program that is shorter and more affordable than other culinary schools. Our students have received job offers with increases as high as 17% after just two short months of training. We offer customized career counseling, and access to fun jobs that often include affordable housing, health insurance, international transfers, and free ski passes at Deer Valley and other resorts.

Our European-style programs are attractive to entrepreneurs, as well as to people who want to elevate their entertaining at home. Many of our students already have college degrees, but only a high school degree is required.

About the Professional Certificate in Culinary Arts

Students attending Park City Culinary Institute receive their Certificate after just 8 short weeks. About 25% of the program is pastry, 65% savory, and 10% of our time is spent visiting local farms, meeting with artisans, and learning how to make charcuterie, cheese and wine.

About the Faculty

Our chefs generally have over twenty years of experience, and have been the Executive Chefs of notable restaurants and resorts. One of the founding instructors of the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley is on our faculty. Our instructors have published books, successfully grown their own businesses to over $5 million in revenue, and are sought out by national TV shows to compete with celebrity chefs.

Attending School in Deer Valley

Park City, Utah is within 45 minutes of the Salt Lake International Airport. A charming mining town that became the country’s largest ski town, Park City is home to the prestigious Deer Valley Resort, as well as Vail’s Park City and Canyon’s Resorts. Attracting visitors from all over the world, Park City has more chefs per capita than even Paris. Our restaurants line historic Main Street, and dot the majestic hilltops and golf courses that surround the city. We are surrounded by dozens of farms and ranches, including Copper Moose Farm which is just a bike ride away from Main Street.

Furnished housing is available and ranges from affordable to luxurious, at all price levels.

Activities include miles of trails for hiking and mountain biking, sailing and paddle boarding on local rivers and reservoirs, fishing, horseback riding, and zip lines. There are numerous venues for outdoor concerts, comedy and live music.