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New England Culinary Institute

7 School Street  Montpelier, VT 05602

Ideally located in the state capital of Vermont, the Montpelier campus of New England Culinary Institute is a great place to begin your culinary arts or hospitality management career. With multiple programs, New England Culinary Institute is a leader in culinary and hospitality training and education.

If you have been thinking about attending culinary arts or hospitality school, you are most likely asking yourself questions like how much is it going to cost, how long will it take to graduate, how & where do I apply and is financial aid available?


About New England Culinary Institute

New England Culinary Institute has grown from seven to over 500 students in its 27 years of successful operations. The school was founded in 1980 on the principles of small classes, personal instruction, and real life experience leading to academic excellence in the food and beverage industry.

Its mission was to create a new educational model, which immerses students in an active learning environment as apprentices to Master Chefs from the first day of class. Today, Chef instructors and other industry professionals still prepare students with individualized instruction.

The school now offers eight programs in the areas of culinary arts, baking and pastry, and hospitality and restaurant management. Positions in all areas of the hospitality trade continue to be filled by graduates of NECI’s distinctive programs, including their newest online options. With education for the whole person a central part of everything that NECI does, the school expects to continue to meet the demands of the culinary field.

Baking and Pastry Arts

A hands-on training program, the Baking and Pastry Arts curriculum at New England Culinary Institute is available as an Associate’s Degree course of study. In addition to learning essential baking and pastry skills in the school-owned La Brioche Bakery & Cafe, students will also participate in 2 six-month paid professional internships. If you’re looking to create delicious bakery items, or pastry showpieces, the baking and pastry arts program at NECI might be perfect for you!

Culinary Arts

Available in an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree format, the Culinary Arts program at New England Culinary Institute is a hands-on curriculum designed to equip graduates with the skills needed in order to become a successful member of a culinary arts team. With a 10:1 student/teacher ration, the Culinary Arts program at NECI is geared towards giving graduate the edge needed in order to stand out in this competitive field.

While the Associate’s degree program includes 2 6-month campus residencies, and 2 paid internships, the Bachelor’s degree program offers 3 6-month campus residencies, and 3 paid internships. In addition, the Bachelor’s degree program teaches students how to create signature menus and dishes, in addition to managing front and back of house operations.

Hospitality and Restaurant Management

Available in both Associate and Bachelor degree formats, the Hospitality and Restaurant Management program at NECI is designed to get students out of the classroom, and into lucrative management positions in a short period of time. The Associate’s Degree program includes an even split of hands-on training between the classroom and kitchen, and is 15 months in length.

In addition to learning about wine service and food production, graduates will be equipped with vital management skills. At the Bachelor’s Degree level, students will participate in small classes consisting of 12-15 students, and learn how to create a business plan, and reach a management-ready status in as little as 15 months.

Professional Baking – Certificate

A 15-week program that culminates in a 6-month paid internship at a top baking facility, the Professional Baking Certificate at New England Culinary Institute is a great way to learn the foundations of professional baking. Coursework includes food safety, knife skills, cooking theory, and sanitation, and small class sizes mean you’ll get the individual instruction needed in order to become a successful member of a baking and pastry team.

Professional Cooking – Certificate

Interested in becoming a prep cook, line cook, or banquet cook? The Professional Cooking Certificate at New England Culinary Institute might be perfect for you. In addition to a low student/teacher ration (10:1), the Professional Cooking program features 15 weeks of on-campus instruction, followed by a paid internship at a top culinary facility. A great way to prepare for an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree, the Certificate program lays a solid foundation in the culinary arts that focuses on career-based job skills.

Professional Pastry – Certificate

Featuring a 10:1 student/teacher ratio, the Professional Pastry Certificate program is a great way to prepare for employment as a pastry cook in a commercial kitchen, restaurant, or bakery. In addition to 15 weeks of hands-on training, this program includes a 700-hour paid internship at a top pastry facility.

Laying a solid foundation for a culinary arts career, the Professional Pastry program at NECI is a great way to learn about this exciting field in a hands-on environment. Our hands-on education has the lowest student/teacher ratio in the industry of 10:1. You’ll be fully prepared to become a pastry cook in bakeshops, restaurants, or other commercial kitchens, and you’ll have a firm foundation for further study in the culinary field.


Accreditation for the New England Culinary Institute is accomplished through the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology. The school is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education to award degrees.

Financial Aid

Information and services for students seeking financial aid is available online and from the school’s office of financial aid. NECI offers guidance in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form to help find applicable state grants and federal funding sources. Students may also seek application assistance for veteran scholarships, private loans, and scholarships available directly through New England Culinary Institute at this office.


New England Culinary Institute has a faculty comprised solely of professionals in the field, each of whom has an impressive resume of work experience as well respected educational credentials. NECI instructors believe in offering individualized instruction for every student, even when learning online or through distance education.

Long-lasting relationships can be formed with instructors and faculty as students progress and learn from their vast experience. In fact, New England Culinary Institute’s mission of genuine interest in each student’s education and personal attention is one of the determining factors of the faculty members chosen to work at this school.


The campuses for New England Culinary Institute are located in Montpelier and Essex Junction, Vermont. Located at 56 College Street, the Montpelier campus of NECI is home to both the La Brioche Bakery & Café, and the Main Street Bar & Grille, both of which offer students hands-on training in a supportive and educational environment. Conveniently located, the Montpelier campus is accessible by bus service (Vermont Transit) and Amtrak.

Going to School in Montpelier, VT

The smallest state capital in the United States, Montpelier, VT is home to just over 8,000 residents. Don’t let the size of this city fool you, however; it is full of opportunity for the prospective culinary or hospitality student. Coupled with its “twin city” of Barre, VT, Montpelier is a great place to live.

While it closed in 2006, Montpelier was home to the last remaining clothespin manufacturer in the United States. Montpelier is also the host of the annual Green Mountain Film Festival, one of many reasons residents and visitors alike love living in this small eastern city. A popular destination for tourists, many of Montpelier’s downtown businesses are locally owned and operated.

A great place to live, you’ll love attending New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, VT!