Wine Decanter by Esperienze

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Wine Decanter by Esperienze

Caught My Eye

While browsing through my endless stream of catalogs, this Esperienze Wine Decanter “caught my eye” in the Wine Enthusiast. I am a huge fan of wine decanters and have several.

Not only are they elegant to pour wine from, they serve a very useful purpose by exposing wine to air and thus allowing a young wine to soften and an older wine to open up. With older wines, there is often the need to “decant” them to separate the wine from the sediment at the bottom of the bottle.

I’ll work on an article about the whys and how’s of decanting wine and post it on my web site but for now I just wanted to share with you this very beautiful and useful decanter that caught my eye.

The Esperienze Wine Decanter is from Luigi Bormioli and is designed by Federico DeMajo. Made in Italy, this decanter is lead free and has been designed with tiered concentric circles (ripples) at the bottom to help facilitate the combination of air and wine. When you pour wine from the decanter, it flows over the ripples allowing more oxygen to be introduced to the wine.

If you are decanting an older wine, I’m guessing some of the sediment will get stuck between the ripples making it easier to decant. Either way, it’s a gorgeous looking decanter and I know just who I want to give one to this holiday season.

Measures 9½ inches high and weighs 88 ounces.

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