Wooden Spoons On The Water

March 25, 2011 3 Comments

Wooden Spoons On The Water

Do Wooden Spoons Help You Cook Better?

“Wooden spoons on the water, very free, and easy
Easy, you know the way it’s supposed to be”

I know, it’s supposed to be “wooden ships on the water” from David Crosby’s classic song but when I was photographing my own wooden spoons I couldn’t get this song out of my head. Two days now!

And if you think about it, wooden spoons do make cooking very easy and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. I am a big fan of wooden spoons and have one or two that I grabbed from our kitchen growing up to take to college many years ago and never gave them back. I hope my daughters take them from our kitchen and hold on to them like I did.

I have been told by several chefs that wooden spoons are the way to go but I wanted to know why. So I wrote a short article about them on my web site at Wooden Spoons. I wanted to know if it is just because they feel better in the hand or if they really had an advantage over metal spoons.

Eating With Wooden Spoons

As I’m writing this, I’m thinking they may be good to cook with, but I’m not so sure I would want to eat with them every day. I don’t like the way food TASTES when you try it from a wooden spoon. I much prefer to use my spoon to remove it from the pot or pan, let it cool for a few seconds and then pour it into my hand to taste. You don’t taste the wood and there’s a lot less cleaning.

Where to Find Aged Wooden Spoons

You can often find great old wooden spoons at flea markets and garage sales for pennies. I look for them in the $1 mystery box with some other antique kitchen gadgets. Many of them may be cheap pine but if you look, you can find a lot of hard wood (oak, maple) spoons out there just needing a little cleaning up and a bit of food grade mineral oil.

If you’re not into flea markets and garage sales, you can purchase a new one, again look for quality, cook with it for a bunch of years and pass it down to your kids and/or grandkids. It’s a tool you will work with almost every day so be sure to purchase a good one that feels comfortable in the hand.

I don’t think about my spoons often, but I do know if they could talk they would have plenty of great stories to tell about fun meals I’ve prepared over the years before I was married and now married with kids. You can think of them as little pieces of history right there in your kitchen.

So check out my article on the benefits of cooking with wooden spoons and let me know your favorite wooden spoon story. Go to: All About Wooden Spoons

onlinesources: Wooden Spoons

There are lots of sources for purchasing quality Kitchen Gadgets and Housewares including whisks, spoons, measuring devices and all the fun gadgets we home cooks have come to love.  I suggest you check out your local department stores and kitchen supply shops but if you’re looking for a wide selection of products and prices, you may want to check out Amazon.com where I buy many of my favorite pieces of cookware.

Amazon.com – Kitchen Gadgets
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Wooden Spoons

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  1. Rike says:

    When I grew up, my mom had several wooden cooking spoons. They served a dual purpose: 1. to cook with, 2. to punish the children with. I am now 66 years old and I still own two of those spoons and since I had no children, I have only used them to cook with, and they are still my favorite cooking spoons!

    Hi Rike, I’m glad to hear you are putting those spoons to good use. – RG

  2. Tom Bartlett says:

    Have you tried eating with a wooden spoon designed for eating? It’s a vastly different experience than eating from a wooden cooking spoon.

    • Tom, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten with a wooden spoon, just tasted food from the pot with a wooden cooking spoon and as you can see from my posts, I love cooking with wooden spoons. I have some that are 30 years old.

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