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Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Prep Time1 hr
Cook Time30 mins
Total Time1 hr 30 mins
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Servings: 4 people


For the Sauce

  • 2 cups velouté sauce made with chicken stock
  • ½ cup heavy cream whipping cream or half and half
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • poultry seasoning to taste (optional)
  • ½ lemon juice from

For the Pot Pies

  • 1 pound chicken breasts boneless, skinless or thighs, cut into cubes
  • pinch salt and freshly ground pepper
  • 2 cups diced vegetables - carrot carrots, celery, peas, pearl onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, butternut squash, green beans, corn, lima beans, etc.
  • 2 cups prepared sauce supreme
  • 2 tablespoons cold butter cut into small pieces
  • pastry crust of choice either store bought or homemade pastry crust


For the Sauce Supreme

  • Bring the veloute sauce to a boil and stir in the cream or half and half. Simmer over medium-low heat until reduced by about ¼, stirring frequently.
  • Taste and season with salt and pepper and the optional poultry seasoning, as necessary. The sauce should be thick.
  • Stir in the lemon juice.

For the Pot Pies

  • Arrange the chicken pieces in the bottom of your ramekins or casserole. Sprinkle with just a pinch of salt and pepper.
  • Add the vegetables followed by another pinch of salt and pepper.
  • Pour the sauce Suprème over the vegetables.
  • Dot the sauce with a bit of butter and then arrange the crust over all. If only using a top crust, wet the rim of your ramekins or casserole and press the crust down to seal. If using a bottom crust, press the top crust to the bottom crust. Cut several vent holes in the crust and bake at 425°F for about 30 minutes, or until the crust is golden brown and the filling is bubbling.
  • Let cool for ten minutes before serving.


  • Make a decorative lattice top for your crust by cutting and weaving strips of pie dough.
  • Add some diced hard-boiled egg to your pot pie.
  • Any fresh, seasonal herbs can be stirred into your sauce before pouring it over the chicken and vegetables. Tarragon is particularly nice in the springtime, but use what your family likes.
  • Some cooked and crumbled bacon makes a nice addition to pot pie.
  • Pot pie is a great way to use up leftovers, so look in the fridge and use any leftover cooked or fresh vegetables that you have on hand.
  • Rather than using raw chicken, use leftover roasted or rotisserie chicken.


The best chicken pot pie isn't made with chicken at all. It's made with turkey. Make turkey stock with your leftover Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey and use up your leftovers, including the green bean casserole, by making a turkey pot pie.