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Barbecue Baby Back Ribs Recipe

Prep Time15 minutes
Cook Time1 hour 15 minutes
Total Time1 hour 30 minutes
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Keyword: ribs
Servings: 6 people


  • 3 racks baby back ribs
  • salt & pepper to taste
  • paprika
  • 1 bottle bottle of dark beer


  • Preheat the oven to 350°F.
  • Rinse the ribs and pat dry with some paper towels.
  • Place the ribs in a large ovenproof casserole dish or roasting pan.
    I used my 16 x 12 Calphalon Roasting pan and the ribs fit fine.
  • Season well with salt, pepper and the paprika.
    Be sure to add the seasoning to both sides and have the meaty side up.
  • Pour the bottle of beer over the ribs and cover with aluminum foil.
    You want a tight seal so be sure to wrap the sides snugly.
  • Bake in the oven for 1 hour.
  • Here's where Barbecue Bob and his wife Bert differ in styles. Bert will remove the ribs, add a little of Barbecue Bob's homemade barbecue sauce and finish in the oven for 5 minutes.
    Barbecue Bob, being a grilling aficionado, likes to finish the ribs on a hot grill for 5 to 7 minutes also using his homemade barbecue sauce.
    You may think this is a lot of work to start a fire just for a few minutes of finishing but we can't forget the kids who don't like baby back ribs.
  • Firing up the grill is perfect for grilling those hotdogs and hamburgers that both our kids enjoy so much. It's also great for grilling some vegetables to serve with Bert's Barbecue Baby Back Ribs.


As for the paprika, we didn't measure out the amounts and it really depends on how many slabs and how spicy you like it but you need enough to cover both sides. All I can say is Bert didn't hold back when applying.
So there you have it. If you are looking for a quick way to cook baby back ribs, this works fine but I will be writing about how to cook them a using a different technique soon.