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Danish Hash or Biksemad Recipe

My mom made this with leftover pork.
Prep Time15 mins
Cook Time25 mins
Total Time40 mins
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Danish
Servings: 4 servings


  • 3 ounces butter
  • 2 medium onions sliced thin
  • 4 medium potatoes peeled and cut into small cubes
  • pounds cooked pork loin cut into small cubes
  • salt & pepper to taste
  • cups chicken or beef stock
  • 1 tablespoon parsley finely chopped


  • Prep the Ingredients
  • Bring a medium sized pot of salted water to boil. Add the cubed potatoes and cook until they just start to get fork tender. You don’t want the potatoes to overcook. Drain and rinse under cold water to stop the cooking process. Reserve.
  • While the potatoes are cooking, prep the rest of the ingredients.
  • Heat a frying pan large enough to hold all the ingredients over medium heat. When hot, add butter being careful not to let it burn.
  • As soon as the butter melts, add the onions and cook slowly until the onions are caramelized. You may need to turn down the heat to medium-low or even low so they don’t cook too quickly. This takes 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Season with salt & pepper.
  • Once the onions are caramelized, add the potatoes, stir and cook for a few minutes.
  • Add the stock and then the pork cubes. Stir and cook for 3 – 4 minutes until the pork is heated through.
  • Add the parsley, stir, taste and adjust seasonings with salt and pepper.
  • We served the Biksemad with leftover roasted fennel and steamed broccoli.