Culinary Schools in Connecticut

Culinary Schools in Connecticut

Culinary Schools – Baking & Pastry Schools
Hospitality & Restaurant Management Schools in Connecticut

Interested in attending culinary school? How about going to college for hospitality management? If you’re trying to find a top culinary, baking or hospitality management school in Connecticut, check out the selected campuses below for more information.

Rich in history, the “Constitution State” of Connecticut is home to the highest per capita income in the United States. Also the 29th most populous state in the country, Connecticut’s location on the Long Island Sound has given the state a deep maritime tradition. This maritime relationship ties over in to the culinary traditions of the area. With regions of the state considered to be part of the New York Metropolitan area, Connecticut has a wealth of opportunity to offer culinary and hospitality students.

If you’re contemplating a career in the culinary arts or hospitality management, you’ve probably got some questions. How much does culinary school cost? What type of hospitality management degree can I get? Is financial aid or scholarship money available? How about night and weekend classes?

For answers to these important questions, simply find a campus you’re interested in, and click on the Request School Info button. A representative from the school will get in touch with answers to all of your questions.



Shelton, CT

Lincoln Culinary Institute
Lincoln Culinary Institute Shelton

Southington, CT

Lincoln College of New England
Lincoln Culinary Institute Shelton