Valentines Day Great Gifts Ideas

September 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Dan’s Chocolates – If you are looking for a great selection of chocolates in interesting array gift boxes, check out these guys. Right now they are offering 2-Day Air Only for $4.99 and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

What’s really cool and I plan to try is a Personalized Box of Chocolates with my girls photo on it. I can custom make the photo on my computer and they will put it on the box. How I love this new technology.

They also have a Flower & Chocolate combination….sort of like one stop shopping.


Lobster Gram – Want to spoil your mate this Valentine? Treat them to a Lobster Tail Dinner but be sure to serve Cold Water Lobster Tails. Not only do they have the most flavor, there is less chance that one will be bad and ruin a perfect evening. I like Lobster Gram because they offer a large selection of cold water tails including South African, New Zealand and West Australian tails. They also sell Live Maine Lobsters, Clams, Snow Crab Claws if you really want to go crazy.You can read my article on Buying Lobster Tails here! – Need a seductive cookbook for Valentine’s Day? Diane Brown’s cookbook offers tips and technques for shooting Cupid’s delicious arrow straight through the heart of a lover’s sensual appetite.

I was lucky enough to speak with Diane about her book and interview her in my Novice to Pro section. You can read the interview by going to Interview with Diane Brown.

Wild Wild Mushroom Pasta for two recipe.


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