Cookbooks and Magazines

Recommended Cookbooks

recommended cookbooks

I have never met a cookbook I didn’t like. There are some I turn to more often than others, but in general, I am a sucker for a cookbook. Some teach me new techniques; some show me gorgeous pictures of how I wish my cooking would turn out, and others inspire me to step out of my comfort zone and explore a new cuisines or ingredients. To help you choose the right cookbook, here’s a list of the cookbooks I find most useful and/or inspirational.learn more

Cookbook Reviews

cookbook reviews

While there are many cookbooks that I highly recommend, I am always coming across new ones. Here is a collection of cookbooks that I have reviewed. Some are new classics like Michael Ruhlman’s The Making of a Chef, and some are niche-type cookbooks, such as Chef Liz Scott’s The Sober Kitchen about cooking without alcohol. I will keep adding to this page as I review more, and I hope you’ll find some books here that are of interest to you.learn more



As much as I enjoy holding a bound book in my hands, sometimes it is much more convenient to own ebooks. These days, ebooks are available for kindles, nooks and ipads. You can even read them on your smart phones. This makes them extremely portable, and I like that the Tables of Contents are linked to the chapters. Here, you’ll find some ecookbooks that I’ve written as well as some others that I find very useful.learn more

Cooking Magazines

cooking magazines

If you have a magazine subscription, the daily trip to the mailbox can be like your birthday. I love it when I get the latest volume of my favorite cooking magazines. Here is a list of some of my favorites, from the scholarly Cook’s Illustrated to the lavishly illustrated Bon Appetit and Food & Wine. I know you’ll be able to find a cooking magazine that fits your style and skill level. Then you too can experience fun trips to the mailbox!learn more