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All About Whisks

All About Whisks Plus A Whisking Video

Most of us have at least one whisk (sometimes called a whip) in our kitchen, but do we really know how they meant to be used. Whisks seem to come in many shapes and sizes and it is easy to get confused when trying to figure out which one is right for our own personal cooking needs. Do I need a balloon whisk, straight whisk or one of those weird looking ball-in-ball whisks?

I have just updated my whisk web page that goes into the history of whisks and describes various types and how they can be used. I will be adding some more information soon about whisk techniques and how to choose the right whisk for your needs.

I also just posted a fact filled video about whisks by Peter Hertzmann describing the history of the whisk, the various types of whisks and how they are supposed to be used. He also gives detailed instructions on how whisking techniques.

I have a lot of whisks in my kitchen. I seem to get them along with many other great kitchen gadgets from friends and family at holiday time. There was a whisk I never knew what was for until I watched Peter’s video. It is the sauce whisk that can stand up in the pan. Who knew?

How to Buy A Whisk

Not only will this video teach you about whisks and how to use them, it explains how you should go about purchasing one. Do you need a balloon whisk or a straight whisk? What is it made of? Are you using it for non stick pans? What is the clearance between wires? Does the hand feel good in your hand? How long is it and does it work with your sauce pans and bowls?

How to Manage A Whisk

Peter’s video shows you how to hold the whisk properly for the task you are attempting. He then describes the different techniques you might use for whisking various ingredients. I think you will be surprised at how many ways there are to use a whisk and this video shows most of them.

So if you have ever been confused about your own collection of whisks, be sure to check out All About Whisks to learn more about them and watch Peter’s informative video.

onlinesources: Whisks

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