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Pluck – The Amazing Sunny Side Out Egg White Separator

A few weeks ago my wife took my daughter up to New York City to visit a college friend Kerry. While there they were looking through some magazines and found this product called Pluck but it also may be called Sunny Side Out or that may be the name of the company that produces it.
I’m not sure but I can say it is a fun gadget to play with. So much that I even made a short video of me demonstrating how it works.

This is the kind of gadget you give someone who has every gadget imaginable and and will appreciate something uniquely different. I have always separated my egg whites from the yolks the old fashion way by using the shell and going back and forth but this way is much more fun.

I did see online a way of using an empty water bottle to achieve the same results but I don’t think you want to wrap up an empty water bottle and give it as a present but then maybe it’s a gift to yourself.

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