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March 30, 2012 134 Comments

Ozitech Pro Knife Sharpener

The Ozitech Pro Knife Sharpener – Best Buy For The Price

Keeping Your Knives Sharp

Over the years I’ve picked up some very good knives with very sharp edges that make my slicing and dicing a lot easier. Unfortunately like many of you, I don’t remember to sharpen them enough so I have to work harder to dice that carrot and make myself more vulnerable to getting cut.

Did you know you are less likely to cut yourself with a sharp knife than a dull one. At least that’s what some professional chefs have told me.

They say you don’t have to work as hard with a sharp knife thus avoiding an accidental slip off the ingredient you are cutting; and, if you do slip, you are not pushing down so hard to make the cut deeper.

Why Not Sharpen Your Knives?

So it doesn’t make sense that we purchase expensive, quality knives and then don’t keep them sharp. I ask myself this all the time especially when I’m struggling with a knife in hand.

I think it is because we don’t want to bother taking the time to sharpen them or we think it’s going to be a lot of work.

I suppose if you were to sharpen them with a stone like some professionals do, it does take time and you should know what you are doing or you can ruin the edge. Ok, that’s a good reason not to sharpen your own knives but what about buying one of those fancy electric knife sharpeners?

Great idea but they are expensive and they often get buried in a kitchen cabinet — out of sight, out of mind. I own two ChefsChoice electric knife sharpeners and they do a great job.

Unfortunately, they are in the back of the cabinet and the only time I take them out is when I’m going to sharpen all my knives at one time. The results are good, but I want a sharpener that does as good a job if not better and is more accessible.

The Ozitech Diamond Fingers Pro Knife Sharpener

I was whining about this to Peter Hertzmann, author of Knife Skills Illustrated, and he suggested I give a look at the Ozitech Diamond Fingers Pro Knife Sharpener by Furi.

He says it’s one of his favorite cutlery tools that he takes with him on all his teaching jobs. It looks so small and simple so how can it do a good job? Peter told me to try using one and see for myself.

He was right! I couldn’t believe how simple this compact sharper was to use and how great a job it did sharpening my knives. Now I keep it in my knife drawer WITH my knives so when I open the drawer to take them out, the Ozitech is staring me in the face reminding me to sharpen the knife I’m going to use.

I no longer feel the necessity of having to sharpen all my knives at one time but just the ones I’m using the most. Five to 10 pulls across the “diamond fingers” and I’m ready for a quick hone with a steel and ready to go.

When we go on vacation down at the Jersey shore in the summer, I usually bring one good knife but always bring the Ozitech because I know the knives in the rental won’t cut butter.Β  I’ve thought to bring it over to some friends’ homes who own the best quality knives you can buy but never sharpen them — but that might be a little much!

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  1. Pat Summers says:

    As often as needed, but use a steel before every use.

  2. Damien Brennan says:

    We use a Steel (ie we caress the knife along the steel!) before we carve and then a couple of times a year ask our butcher to fine sharpen for us! But maybe thats just an Irish solution!

  3. Robert Pampanini says:

    I don’t sharpen my knives enough, probably only every 3 months or whenever I think about it. I use what looks like a mouse, from Chicago cutlery. Would love to learn how to sharpen them on a steel, but fear ruining my knives.

  4. Mary Reading says:

    I l0ve knives and knife sharpeners!

  5. Renee Voss says:

    I continue to use the Accusharp Knife Sharpener even after I used it incorectly and had to have surgery to repair tendons that I severed. Alway be careful to pay full attention while working with sharp items!

  6. Tom Ashby says:

    I sharpen before every major use where I’m going to be cutting more that just a few things. I just a steel.

  7. Patti Southard says:

    Love sharp knives, love the feeling of cutting as smooth as butter – but I do seem to nick myself occasionally!

  8. Sharla Davies says:

    I sharpen before each use. Not sure what it’s called but its from Pampered Chef I think. You pull the knife through the metal slot. Thanks!

  9. Glenn Friedman says:

    I sharpen my knives about at least once a month

  10. Katie Pasternak says:

    I definitely do not sharpen my knives enough.

    I have a steel but I’m never sure if I’m using it properly.

  11. tripp says:

    I use a stone, but not nearly often enough. I find myself grabbing a serrated (gasp!) frequently just to avoid the sharpening task.

  12. neville penney says:

    I need a good sharpner

  13. Sheila Torres says:

    I know I don’t sharpen my knives often enough. When I’m standing there aggrevated that it’s not slicing well – that’s when the light goes on and I realize why!

  14. baker_bear says:

    I KNOW just what you mean! I steel my knives every time I use them but I always put off sharpening them. I too own two ChefsChoice Knife Sharpeners but I’m always afraid I’m going to ruin the edge of my knives so I am reluctant to use them!

  15. Frank del Valle says:

    I don’t have a way to sharpen my knives. I could certainly use one.

  16. Peg says:

    I use Accusharp. Not fabulous results, but easy to use. I would love to try this new sharpener.

  17. Al Wyss says:

    I have two Wusthof knives, but have not sharpened them. I don’t know how and don’t want to damage the blade. Need help!

  18. Antara Deb says:

    I just recently purchased “nicer” knives but don’t have a sharpener yet

  19. Jenni Morian says:


    I used the old-fashioned rod with the grate…shame on me! I sharpen them as often as possible because I like doing it.


  20. Tom Stefanson says:

    I have a couple that I use with limited success. One is a Chef Choice that you pull the blades through and another I got at a local restaurant supply store which works okay, not sure of the name of it

  21. Buck Henry says:

    Was looking at knife sharpeners this week.

  22. Jerry Briggs says:

    About once a year I do a good sharpening with a stone and a bit of oil. From then on I use my steel and swipe it about 20 times before each cutting. Great for turkey and large brisquets.

  23. amy marantino says:

    i have not sharpened them since purchase… they really need it by now.

  24. Linda Dupantis says:

    I LOVE a sharp knife! People think I’m full of it but I’m very particular about my knives.

  25. Sherry LaCroix says:

    I have an ancient electric knife sharpener. It does a great job but is a bit of a pain to use. It’s too large to leave out all the time so I don’t sharpen my knives often enough – the ones I use most often, maybe every 2 months.

  26. Judy Piotrowski says:

    I sharpen as needed. Knives must be sharp for best performance.

  27. Lisa says:

    I don’t sharpen nearly as often as I should. I would love to try the fingers, very interesting.

  28. Todd Zahurak says:

    i use a simple counter top sharpener as needed, probably 2x per month per knife.

  29. geoffrey says:

    I rarely sharpen them so perhaps that is why my arm hurts and tomatos squish.


  30. Teri Carothers says:

    Not enough, unfortunately we purchased a very expensive set that comes with free lifelong sharpening provided I send them off to the company…seriously, who’s gonna do that and what do I do in the meantime. My favorite knife is one I purchaed that comes with a self sharpening sheath, cuts through everything as if it were butter! = )

  31. Maggie Jones says:

    My husband does the sharpening. He has a honing rod and a stone. I would like to be able to do it myself though.

  32. Patricia Hawn says:

    I’m afraid I’ll ruin my knives if I sharpen them. I found out that our local supermarket Farm Fresh will sharpen them for you FREE back in the meat department. Love my Farm Fresh!

  33. Natalie Luffer Sztern says:

    I would love to have this I have read that Furi is a great knife sharpener

  34. Janet Vervalin says:

    I take mine to a professional twice a year and use my steel for honing every time I use them.

  35. Brenda Dudley says:

    I rarely sharpen my knives since I don’t have a sharpener. However, my dad has one, so I load them up and take them to him.

  36. Jan Petit says:

    I sharpen them after a few uses with a plastic contraption my sharpener guy sold me years ago. I have no idea what the brand is…it has a slot with small ceramic balls you pull the blade through. Once a year or so my blade guy ( originally he just did my dog scissors ) does them for me by Japanese water honing.

  37. Natalie Luffer Sztern says:

    oops didn’t read right. I sharpen my knives on a steel each time I use them and I use the Chefs Choice once a week. I also have ceramic knives for which Kyocera recently made a self sharpening system I could buy

  38. Steven Murphy says:

    I sharpen my Japanese knives every three months or so with a water stone. My German steel seems to need sharpening more often, normally after a month use. I use an oil stone for these. I have been looking for a good quality hand sharpener as I never seem to have time to use the stones properly anymore.

  39. Pat Dibble says:

    I try to sharpen my knives at least twice a month, but it would be nice to have a reliable small, handy sharpener close by. I, too, have to dig for my electric sharpener.

  40. devin paul says:

    I use a honing steel about once a month but would love to try one of those fancy electric sharpeners.

  41. Art Clough says:

    I uusally sharpen our knives about every 2-3 months. I use the Chef’s Choice sharpener which we bought 15 years ago when we got married.

  42. Pat Voroschak says:

    Tired of hacking away @ vegatables and meats.
    Sharpening stone doesn’t CUT it!

  43. Mary Beaverson says:

    My knives rarely get sharpened because I don’t have a good one!

  44. Suzi Newman says:

    I sharpen my knives about once a week..but I work in a deli and my co-workers and I desperately need a better knife sharpner there! πŸ™‚

  45. Phil Johnson says:

    I, currently, use a hand tool – the sort with spheres inside each side.

    In the UK I used an electric sharpener (I’ve never been able to sharpen knives properly, using a whetstone)!

    That has been a recurring bane of my life!

    To answer the final question, when they stop providing the “edge” necessary to prepare the food I am attempting to prepare!

  46. Dave Pownell says:

    I’m a bit of a noob so haven’t sharpened my knives yet. Will have to study up on this!

  47. Karen Tompkins says:

    I don’t sharpen enough but would love a tool that is quick and easy

  48. Bill Janczak says:

    Only when necessary! But I use my steel to hone the blade before every use!

  49. Brenda says:

    I sharpen my knives each week with a steel as keeping them sharp is crucial. My knives are used often as I am almost always in the kitchen. I teach occasional cooking classes so I must practice what I preach! πŸ™‚

  50. Mary Wallgren says:

    I admit I’m not real good about sharpening my knives. They get sharpened about every two months and I use my husband to sharpen them. Thanks for the chance to win a great sharpener!

  51. carolyn ouellette says:

    fantastic site. Looking for a easy to use sharpener . Maybe I will win one!!

  52. MommaMary says:

    I’ve never, didn’t know how to do it properly and was afraid I would do more harm than good.

  53. Ed GAll says:

    I sharpen my knives every four to six weeks with a Chef’sChoice electric sharpener, and steel them with each use in between sharpening. However, I am not, entirely, enamored with my electric sharpener because it doesn’t sharpen my Santouku knives. Sharp knives are the most important requirement in the kitchen.

  54. Dianne says:

    I’m not a good knife sharpener and need some help. My husband has a huge chef knife that he sharpens with a steel after each use.

  55. Pat Liew says:

    I use what my grandmother thought me, a stone. It works all the time if you hold the knife at a correct angle when sharpening it.

  56. Pat Liew says:

    Sorry, spelling error, should be taught :).

  57. Larry says:

    I use a stone and a steel to keep them sharp. I would like to try this sharpner to see if its easy and effective.

  58. Jason D says:

    I have never sharpened my knives. I quite realize the importance or when or how. Love your site and blog my cooking has started improving by leaps and bounds. Thank you.

  59. Steve Kurek says:

    One of the small joys of my life is a good sharp knife. I cook a big meal every evening and it makes my work that much more enjoyable. I use a steel often and a stone about every three months.

  60. Lisa says:

    I’ve been upgrading my knives, but I don’t own a sharpener yet. This one sounds easy to use. Thanks!

  61. Deb says:

    I use my Wusthof hand held about once a month and and take them in to the hardware store about once a year for a proper sharpening.

  62. Kelvin Krastel says:

    I usually use the bottom of a ceramic mug to sharpen my knives before I use them. It helps to keep an edge but it does not do a good re-sharpening that is needed occasionally.

  63. Rebecca Smith says:

    Probably don’t sharpen them enough. Last time that I sharpened the knives, I accidentally cut the top of the end joint on my pinky (right hand). My hubby made a improvised splint so that I could still play for the service on Sunday morning – without bending the finger. HE sharpens the knives now. It’s one of those inexpensive ones with a slot. It might help if we have a better (and safer) knife sharpener. πŸ™‚

  64. Denny says:

    I either take my one really expensive knife to a shop for professional sharpening, the less expensive knives get run them thru a small counter top sharpener. But I always have my doubts if I am doing it correctly or just hacking up the edge.

  65. Denise says:

    I have some nice Henkel’s knives. I am sure they don’t get sharpened enough. Such a hassle.

  66. Sherri Kramp says:

    I can’t remember the last time I sharpened my knives. Even though I know how important it is to keep the knives sharpened!

  67. elidoc says:

    Hardly ever and that is why I appereciate your comments especially about keeping the sharpener in the drawer. Also I recommend Kathleen Flinn’s book “The sharper your knife the less you cry”

  68. Mike Daniels says:

    More accidents happen in the kitchen than anywhere. I would imagine that a dull knife would be a major contributor.

    My knives are sharp, but looked at attentively.

  69. M B Clark says:

    I have good knives but an inexpensive slot sharpener. I have to sharpen my knives often.

  70. Mike Daniels says:

    I use a whetstone.

    Do it as necessary, weekly.

  71. Lori Krauss says:

    I sharpen then every so often with one of those slide sharpeners…..but then I end up taking them to the knife guy for a real sharpening once every year or so….Would probably really help if I kept them up better.

  72. Bob Vining says:

    I use a set of diamond files to keep mt knives sharp. I have never used a sharpening steel but intend to purchase one.

  73. Nancy Young says:

    I have a steel but rarely use it. My knives really need to be sharpened so I would love to use your gadget!

  74. Sean T.O'Brien says:

    Would be nice to have a sharpner,cause when my knives get dull. I pitch them n buy new…so yes it would be nice to try this new gadet of yours…thank you ..Sean

  75. Joy says:

    My knives are disgracefully dull. I haven’t mastered sharpening them with any of the tools I’ve purchased over the years. Thank you for all of this information and I’ll make use of it whether I win or not.

  76. Sharon Johnson says:

    Thanks for all of your tips. We have Shun knives and my fingers were not happy with them. Thanks to you and your site my fingers have been saved!

  77. Suzanne Morris says:

    I love to use sharp knives …but I don’t sharpen my knives near enough!

  78. Liz D'Angelo says:

    Sadly, I never sharpen my knives and was just wondering where I should take them. This would be a welcomed tool! Thanks!

  79. Midge Glennon says:

    My husband sharpens our knives every few months using a whetstone and oil. Your gadget looks very interesting!!

  80. Martha T says:

    If I sharpen a knife, it is with a steel. This would be a great gadget to have!

  81. Corinne Bernstiel says:

    Unfortunately, I never sharpen my knives. I don’t have a very good knife set to begin with. Could use an update to the collection!

  82. Laurie Van Hook says:

    I don’t sharpen my knives often enough. I have a J.A. Henckels sharpener for home use, but I have also taken my knives to Sur La Table to have them professionally sharpened.

  83. Connie says:

    I know I don’t sharpen mine often enough. This little gadget might help that.

  84. Suzy says:

    I love having my knives sharp. You’re right, they do work best when sharp.

  85. Suzy says:

    Oh, I use a Pampered Chef sharpener that they sold a while back. I don’t sharpen them very often, but seem to wait until they get dull first, which is not a good thing.

  86. TS Goldman says:

    I use a steel every few days, but I’m thinking my knives need a good sharpening. I have a stone but I’m always nervous if I’m getting the right angle. This would make my life so much easier.

  87. Sheila says:

    I think I’ll go sharpen my knives right now. I have the steel that came with my knife set that I never use so I bought a no-name little sharpener that sits in my knife drawer. Having it handy really does make a difference in how often my knives get sharpened. PLus, it’s easy to use.

  88. Rick A says:

    Ive always wanted to try one of these, thanks for the opportunity! I’m still in the stone age – literally, I use a whetstone lol!

  89. Marc Adair says:

    I have my knifes sharpened once a year professionally. I also steel them before every use.

  90. Ann says:

    I only sharpen with a stone when I think about it (not much). Once or twice a year, I take my knives to my father in law to sharpen for me. I am not very confident in the care / use of knives, but I really want to do better. Thanks for the blog post.

  91. Jacquie Gariano says:

    I don’t sharpen my knives very often. My Dad use to do them. Then I try to get my daughter to sharpen them. I would love to have a sharpener so I can do it myself.

  92. Phyllis says:

    My prep time has been reduced now that I sharpen my knives more often.

  93. Gary says:

    I have a Farberware contraption that I think is just so-s0 and I probably sharpen only once every few months. I use my steel a lot.

  94. Ann says:

    I sharpen my knives quite often. There is nothing like a sharp knife to slice tomatoes. Hope to win this. My sharpener does not seem to do the trick, I am sharpening daily. Thanks for your site!

  95. Becca from It's Yummilicious says:

    I don’t sharpen mine often enough, mainly because I’m afraid to use a sharpening stone and I bought a small manual sharpener that ended up making my knives DULLER! Guess I wasn’t using it right

  96. Tom Blake says:

    I use a Chefs Choice electric sharpener to sharpen knives. Good knives, Henkels, Wustoff, etc, I sharpen usually once a week. Cheap knives, ones from the supermarket, I sharpen before every use.

  97. Amy says:

    How exciting! I’ve been hoping for a good opportunity to try a good sharpener. I use sand paper taped to a piece of wood! Thank you for posting this!

  98. Virginia A. says:

    We use a steel for sharpening, for its ease and ready availability. At a lecture on knives, this tool was recommended is on my gadget list.

  99. Nadia says:

    I donÒ€ℒt sharpen mine often enough, I use a small manual sharpener that looks like a skewer

  100. Tricia McCoy says:

    Our farmer’s market offers knife sharpening, so I usually have them do it once a year.

  101. Richard A. Harris says:

    Good advice about keeping one’s knives sharp. I’d like to try one of these.

  102. Larry says:

    I have a sharpener in the back of the cabinet but I worry that I won’t do a good job so I put off sharpening until they’re so bad that I take them to a professional sharpener.

  103. Dee Dee Bergadine says:

    I own a set of Wolfgang Puck knives. (Excuxe me, a set minus one that my son’s girlfriend burned up on top of the stove.) Everytime I use them I need to call my husband into the kitchen to sharpen them for me using a steel..

  104. Bill Smith says:

    I use a diamond stones – coarse and fine grit. Also use a steel, but should make sure the angle is right.

  105. Keith says:

    I usually pay a local company here in Columbus, OH to sharpen my knives. At most I sharpen my knives once a year.

  106. Tyler K says:

    Well….I hardly ever sharpen my knives! I have just a regular sharpening steel but it was handed down from my grandparents, which is kind of cool.

  107. LADawg says:

    For some reason or other I have not invested in good knives. I use the sharpener that is on my electric can opener. I know this would not be something you would want to use with good knives. Maybe one day I will break down and spend the money on a set of good knives.


    I sharpen after two to three uses. And I uses the Wustoff
    Two Stage sharpener .

  109. Soraya Billimoria says:

    I teach adult education cookery classes and use a flint whetstone to sharpen my knives. I also end up sharpening the entire classes’ knives, too! It would be great to have such a portable gadget to do the job instead, so yes please! πŸ™‚

  110. RG says:

    The RG Gadget Giveaway is over Andrea L from my Facebook Fan Page will receive the knife sharpener. Thanks everyone for your comments and I look forward to doing this again soon. Stay tuned.

  111. eric says:

    I hone my knives 4 to 8 times/day. However I can only sharpen them once a month when I can get to the local supply store. How much safer would I be to have something a bit less consumptive than a grinder wheel to reset my edges. Thanks for the tips and now the tweaks.

  112. David Chamberlain says:

    I have a Chef’s Choice electric I use once or twice a year and a handheld I use between times, but this gizmo is new to me. Looks interested and anything to keep my good knives sharp is very welcome!

  113. Diana Stiebens says:

    I try to sharpen my knives once a month. I use any gadget that I can find to do the job but nothing seems to work for long. Have been very disappointed in the sharpeners in the past.

  114. Tracy says:

    I sharpen my knives only PRN. I use a cutco sharpener as I have cutco knives

  115. TJ Crowe says:

    I have been on a cookbook reading jag and ALL of the reliable ones emphazize having the correct tools and SHARP knives. This one appears to be a good design (where are they sold?…take a dull knife in and give it a try?).

  116. JD Schwerdtfeger says:

    I’ve always used a 3 stone set and try to sharpen them regulary and I always use a good steel before use. I wholeheartledly believe that a dull knife in the kitchen is a disaster waiting to happen. I have looked at this sharpener and am fascinated by it’s appearance. If it works as I believe it does it will be a God send!

  117. Joan Tuttle says:

    I would absolutely love the Ozitech Diamond Fingers Pro Knife Sharpener as I learned the hard way about using dull knives. I pressed so hard I ended up almost losing the tip of my finger and to this day after stitches still have no feeling in it. Please help me save the other nine fingers I have left!!!!!

  118. J. Owen Peterson says:

    Sharpen as needed with a diamond steel

  119. Jim T says:

    I have a bunch of knives I’ve had for years. I got into the habit of sharpening all of them in one session, and then switching one for a sharper one til they’re all dull. I know I would do better if I used a sharpener that was more user-friendly

  120. Michelle Lamb says:

    I’m a bit of a novice cook. I’m looking forward to learning how to choose and use the correct knives, as well as the equipment to maintain them.

  121. Betty C Henderson says:

    I’ve got this little cheap roller thing that I use (after trying other sharpeners through the years) from “the” big discount store. It doesn’t do as well as it should but it helps. I need something like the one described though. I’ll have to look for it.

  122. Betty C Henderson says:

    After seeing that the drawing was over, I went to the site and ordered the sharpener. I was impressed with what you wrote enough that I decided to try it myself. Thanks.

    Hey Betty, let me know what you think of it. I’m taking mine on Spring Break. – RG

  123. Peggy says:

    We have a Wusthuf countertop sharpener. Very easy to use and does a good job on our steel knives. We also have been using, for over a year, a ceramic knife from Japan that’s kept its sharp edge with no sharpening.

  124. Will says:

    I use stones and steel – a bothersome chore.

  125. Laura DeClercq says:

    Did I miss the drawing? I just received this today on 3/31. I usually sharpen my knives before cutting into a nice big Tri tip, for a nice thick or thin slice…

  126. Amy says:

    “I do not weep at the world – I am too busy sharpening my oyster knife!”
    Zora Neale Hurston

  127. Brian Forde says:

    I would love a great knife shapener would make prep work much easier. Thanks for all the tips and recipes down here in Aus.

  128. Kathy says:

    I use a steel on my knives everytime I use them. I sharpen the knives on a cheap, junky slot type sharpener whenever I realize I’m mashing & sawing instead of slicing.

  129. Joan Zion says:

    I have a cheapy sharpener and a steel – but rarely use either.

  130. Amy Neal says:

    I really need to sharpen my knives, my Husband Wes used to do it for me…

  131. Suzy says:

    I test my knife for sharpness before using and if it feels even a little dull I sharpen it with a hand held sharpener. I just pull the knife through the sharpener until I have the sharpness level I want and need.

  132. JamieK says:

    I use a stone and steel as well as my Chef’s Choice. The one you are presenting here sounds so interesting!

  133. Neil Doherty says:

    I use my steel always but sharpen rarely, when I do I use a stone. I lived in Laos before and my wife and I relocated to Thailand for a month for the birth of our first child. We stayed in a self-catering apartment in a large hotel. I took my knife (which my wife had packed – she doesn’t like hotel food) to the kitchen where they sharpened it for me, they restored the edge but destroyed the look, but whenever I see this scratches on the side of the blade I think of my baby girl.

  134. Brian Gradowski says:

    Howdy I am so glad I discovered your website, I really found you accidentally, while I used to be searching on Yahoo for one thing else, Anyhow I’m right here now and would similar to to say thank you for a fabulous post and a all round gratifying blog (I additionally love the theme/design), I don’t have time to learn it all on the minute however I’ve bookmarked it and in addition added in your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will probably be again to learn extra, Please do sustain the awesome work.

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