Barbecue and Grilling Tools for Home

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Barbecue and Grilling Tools

The Importance of Using the Right Barbecue and Grilling Tools

After living in a condo in NYC for almost 20 years, my grilling experiences were limited to weekends at friends’ summer homes. Although I experimented with different types of indoor grills, the results were usually less than perfect and often smoke alarm setting disasters.

Anyway, as soon as we moved to a real house with a real backyard, we purchased a gas barbecue grill. We even had the builder add an exterior gas line so we would never have to worry about those little propane canisters running out.

Of course I had the standard barbecue tools: Rosewood-long handled tongs, spatula, fork, and grill cleaner but for my birthday my wife bought me some new “toys” ( I mean tools) that have made my grilling experiences even better.

First of all, how many times have you grilled veggies or shrimp to perfection just to have a few pieces fall through the grill as you prepare to remove them? Curses!!!

Now with my new black porcelain non-stick Grilling Grid this is no longer a problem. Measuring 12 inches x 13 inches, this grid with tiny holes prevents any small pieces of food from being sacrificed to the fire god. It has a rear edge that provides a stop for my spatula and helps in turning what I am grilling.

How about grilling fish…either whole or fillets? My experience has been whenever I try to flip the fish over, it breaks apart into pieces. There also seems to be a residue fishy taste on whatever I cook next no matter how much I scrape the grill. No more, now with my handy fish grilling basket, also made of black porcelain non-stick material, I can flip the fish without worry. The whole thing measures 22 inches with a 6″ x 12 ” basket that holds the fish. It’s works great when grilling a whole fish that’s been stuffed by helping keep the fish together.

Easy to clean and fun to use, these grilling tools are a great addition to any grilling tool box.

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Barbecue and Grilling Tools

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