What We Sous Vided For Dinner Last Night

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Sous Vide Cooking Technique

Sous Vide Times & Temperatures From My Facebook Group

I started a group on Facebook called What I Cooked For Dinner Last Night to share what I was cooking and find out what other home cooks were preparing at home. I wanted to see the kind of meals everyone was cooking and if there were any patterns developing. I know I have a few favorites we tend to lean on especially during a busy week and if we didn’t plan ahead.

Sous Vide Cooking

My friend Chef David Nelson purchased an Anova Precision Cooker  and Searzall Burner and started telling me about the incredible meals he was preparing with these tools. I was a little skeptical about sous vide but that was more about me not knowing much about it. After a few weeks of hearing what David was doing, I decided to purchase one and see for myself.

Now I haven’t had that much experience yet, but so far I’m loving this technique of cooking. Everything I’ve prepared with it so far has been perfectly cooked with very little fuss. And when I say perfectly cooked, I mean perfectly cooked. If you cook a pork tenderloin to 140°F, the entire cut of meat from top to top and side to side is 140°F.

Yes, you will need to brown most protein items you cook like meat, poultry or fish on a grill, fry pan or with the help of a Searzall Burner but browning and searing makes the food look so much more appetizing and doesn’t really effect the internal temperature of the food. You can read about my first Sous Vide Cooking Experiences here.

Sous Vide Cooking on What I Cooked For Dinner

It turns out there were a couple of people in the group already practicing the art of sous vide and sharing some of their experiences. And now some more people are purchasing Anova Precision Cookers and sharing their cooking successes so I thought it would be fun to create a chart of what everyone is cooking, times and temperatures and rubs, seasoning, or marinades they may be using.

Cook Ingredient  Temp*  Time Flavor Enhancer
Sharon F. Burgers 131.5°F 2 hours 10 min. S&P
RG Sirloin Tips 130°F 2 1/2 hours Wegmans Teriyaki Marinate
Sharon F. Steak Tips 131°F 1 hour salt & pepper
Sharon F. Strip Loin Roast 130°F 4 hours fresh herbs
Jessica M. 1.5″ Strip Steaks 140°F 2 hours Not sure
Sharon F. 8 lb. Eye Round Roast 130.5°F 28 hours olive oil, S&P, thyme, garlic, rosemary
Amme R. Tri-tip 135°F 3 hours Costco pre-seasoned
RG Chicken Breasts – Boneless – 1″ 150°F 1 hour chicken rub
RG Chicken Breasts – Bone-In – 1.5″ 150°F 1.75 hours salt & pepper, EVO
Sharon F. Chicken Tenders 150°F 2 hours Jerk seasoning & Chinese 5 spice
Sharon F. Chicken – Whole 5.5 lb 149°F 5.5 hours butter, garlic, thyme, s&p
David N. Game Hen – halved, de-boned 148°F 2.25 hours olive oil, garlic, thyme
Sharon F. Cod Fillet 125°F 30 minutes lemon & capers
Jean D. Halibut 131°F 35 minutes salt, capers, lemon, EVO
Sharon F. Salmon Fillet 125°F 30 minutes Jerk seasonings
RG Tilapia 131°F 30 minutes S&P, EVO
 David C. Chilean Sea Bass 134°F 30 minutes  thyme, OVOO
Mary Lou A. Pork Chops – 2 in. 140°F 1 hour 20 min.
RG Pork Tenderloin 140°F 2 hours Soyaki & honey bbq
Sharon F. Pork – Ribs 150°F 24 hours Sweet Bay Rays bbq sauce
Sharon F. Pork  Country Style Ribs 140°F 22 hours
David N. Shell Fish – Lobster Tails 141°F 18 minutes butter
RG Shell Fish – Shrimp 149°F 15 minutes Soy Vay sauce
Liz B. Vegetable – Carrots 185°F 1 hour basil pesto
Jessica M. Vegetable – Asparagus 185°F 10 minutes Not sure



Some Photos of Sous Vide Cooking FaceBook “What I Cooked For Dinner Last Night Gang”

 Sous Vide Angus Strip Loin RoastSous Vide Grass Fed Angus Strip Loin from Sharon C.

Sous Vide Pork Tenderloin

Sous Vide Pork Tenderloin marinated in Soyaki Sauce from me.

Halibut Sous Vide Cooked in Sea Salt, Capers, Lemon Slices
Halibut Sous Vide Cooked in Sea Salt, Capers,
Lemon Slices and EVO by Jean D.
Sous vide carrots

Sous Vide Carrots in Basil Pesto from Liz B.

Sous vide sirloin steak

Sous Vide Sirloin Steak with just
salt & pepper from Sharon F.

Sous Vide Game Hen

Sous Vide Game Hen from Chef David N.

 Sous Vide Chilean Sea Bass

Sous Vide Chilean Sea Bass with fresh thyme
and OVOO from David C.


Sous Vide Tri-Tip from Amme R.

 Sous Vide Eye of Round

Sous Vide 8 lb. Eye of Round Roast seasoned
with olive oil, S&P, thyme, garlic, rosemary
by Sharon F.



Disclaimer – Please Read Carefully

Sous vide is cooking foods in vacuum sealed bags in a water bath at lower than normal temperatures so I highly urge you to read up on this technique to understand everything you can before getting involved. The times and temperatures provided here are examples of what some home cooks are using for their sous vide cooking.

I’m guessing they are getting this information from cookbooks, web sites, YouTube and other professional and home cooks just like I do. Again, I urge you to read up on the science of sous vide and make sure it is something you are comfortable with before investing in equipment.

*Some of the cooking temperatures listed here are below the Food and Drug Administration’s recommended guidelines so it’s important you understand these are just examples of what some other home cooks have tried and you need to decide for yourself the right time and temperatures.

Below are some good resources for books on sous vide, websites with general and specific information about this way of cooking including Douglas Baldwin’s site that is filled with knowledgeable information.

Sous Vide Resources

As more and more of our cooking group learn about sous vide, many are sharing some of their resources for recipes, tips, techniques and equipment.  I’ll try to share some of these with you here. If there is a link to Amazon.com, it most likely will be an affiliate like and I may make a small commission. It’s typically not much but it does help defray some of my server expenses.



Many of us have found some great information including recipes at Anova, the maker of the sous vide machine many of us are using. The recipes are at Anova Recipes.

Another good source is SeriousEats for everything sous vide including a lot of fabulous recipes.

Just found this great source for sous vide cooking at Douglas Baldwin’s site. He has tons of information about cooking everything and anything sous vide with great guidelines for times and temperatures. He also has a paperback called Sous Vide for the Home Cook that looks like a good resource.

Books About Sous Vide and Sous Vide Recipes


Join the What I Cooked For Dinner Last Night Group

If you signed up on Facebook and are interested in this type of cooking or want to see what other home cooks are preparing nightly and share some of you meals, visit us at What I Cooked For Dinner Last Night.  If you like what you see, let your cooking friends know about the group too.




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