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June 24, 2007 4 Comments

Bio-Guard Cutting Boards

Color Coded Cutting Board

There seems to be a lot of differing opinions in the culinary world when it comes to cutting boards. Which one is better to cut on? Which one is better for your knives? Which one is safer from bacteria? The two main players were always wood versus plastic but now I have another option to throw at you.

If you haven’t read my article on cutting boards, check out Cutting Boards – Wood, Plastic or ?. It describes some of the different arguments for both wood and plastic and both sides have compelling arguments. The article also offers some great suggestions for cleaning and storing your cutting boards to prevent contamination.

Now there is another product on the market called Bio Guard who manufacture both commercial and retail cutting boards using a silver-ion technology that actually inhibits bacteria growth on it’s surface.

Don’t ask me how it works, you can read all about it on their web site but somehow they have packed silver ions “into the pores of the zeolite cages. These silver ions are released in a controlled manner to control bacteria and mold.”

Ok, sounds good to me. They did send me one of their HACCP color-coded boards to try out. Mine was the red board (to use with meat). They do offer several colors aligned with the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) code:

Silver – Bread
Red – Red Meats
Yellow – Chicken & Poultry
Tan – Cooked Meats
Blue – Fish & Seafood
Green – Vegetables

I can’t vouch for the science but if it really works as well as they say, I’m all for giving them a try. Besides they are very attractive to look at, come in all those great colors and they are dishwasher safe. What more can you ask for?

If you are interested in learning more about choosing a cutting board, check out How to Buy a Cutting Board.

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  1. The TriniGourmet says:

    I’m glad i got to build up resistance, like most 3rd worlders i have a stomach of iron. lol! , soap and water should be more than enough with occasional bleach…

  2. germaphobe! says:

    I think this technology is a great concept for added protection for food safety! You can never be too careful with all of these nasty E. Coli and Salmonella issues running around! I’m getting one~ Thanks for the info!

  3. Deborah says:

    Well, until I start getting sick, I’m not too worried about the bacteria. I use separate cutting boards for meat and veggies, but my concern is what is good/bad for your knife. I have heard that plastic is bad for your knives, so I wonder how these bio-guard cutting boards are on your knives….

  4. TIM says:

    i prefer plastic cutting boards made of hdpe. They are FDA approved as well as odor and bacteria free.

    Hi Tim, thanks for sharing. – RG

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